Cowboys expect Robert Quinn “to bring some good stuff”

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The Cowboys hope to get Randy Gregory, who is indefinitely suspended, back on the roster before the start of the season. Even if they don’t, the Cowboys are covered by the acquisition of Robert Quinn from the Dolphins.

Dallas has what defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli affectionately calls “racing lizards” at defensive end with DeMarcus Lawrence on the left and Quinn on the right.

“He’s got some juice,” Marinelli said of Quinn. “He’s got that first step. He’s an established pass rusher in this league, so he’s going to bring some good stuff for us.”

Jason Garrett often refers to “the right kind of guy.” Quinn, whom the Cowboys acquired for a sixth-round pick, so far has defined the term.

“I just think he’s got his priorities right,” Marinelli said. “He learns. He fit right in with effort and how he hustles. You work with a guy like that; you don’t work against him.

“He’s got a really nice edge to him, and he’s proven that over the years. He’s quiet. He listens really well. He comes out and knows what he’s doing. I really like that about him.”

Marinelli has pushed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee to consider Simeon Rice as a candidate for Canton. Although Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp have busts in the Hall of Fame and John Lynch has been a finalist, Rice has not gained serious consideration despite how important his addition to the Bucs in 2001 was to their winning the Super Bowl a year later.

Marinelli, the Bucs defensive line coach from 1996-2005, brings up Rice’s name when talking about Quinn. He has had Quinn watch film of Rice, showing Quinn what he wants from his defensive ends.

Rice had 11 sacks in his first season with Tampa Bay after 7.5 in his final season in Arizona.

Quinn, 29, has not had double-digit sacks since 2014, the last time he earned Pro Bowl honors, and he had 6.5 in his only season in Miami. He should have plenty of motivation having had two teams trade him the past two offseasons and now entering the final year of his contract.

5 responses to “Cowboys expect Robert Quinn “to bring some good stuff”

  1. 6.5 sacks? as usual those Dallas lovers over hype and over rate any player they acquire!

  2. When people say he has a great 1st step and then doesn’t produce much what does that say about his 2nd step? Quinn is average at this stage of his career.

  3. “When people say he has a great 1st step and then doesn’t produce much what does that say about his 2nd step?”

    It means he fell in love with his speed rush and never developed any counters. It was a great rush (19 sacks in 2013) but OTs figured out how to deal with it around his fourth year.

    He does resemble Simeon Rice in some aspects but Rice had the better career.

  4. When you say he resembles Simeon Rice but just not as a football career makes me think he resembles a guy I saw last week pumping gas. Fins thought he was great in training camp and then the season started… if he made any game noise it wasn’t making plays.

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