Tom Brady intends to “foster” Josh Gordon

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Josh Gordon has played only 22 games the past five seasons. He currently is suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

But Tom Brady posted a video on social media this week showing him throwing passes to Gordon, and the Patriots have hope the league could reinstate the receiver before the start of the 2019 season.

It isn’t the only time Brady has spent or intends to spend with Gordon.

According to Jeff Darlington of ESPN, Brady recognizes Gordon needs “fostering” to help him overcome his personal issues. Brady even has included Gordon in some family dinners.

“He recognized that Josh Gordon made the team better and recognized that he was going to need some attention,” Darlington said, via Dov Kleiman. “Josh Gordon was going out to dinner with Tom Brady and Gisele [Bundchen] at times because Tom recognized that he needs to bring this guy in, foster him, make him feel like he is at home, recognizing some of the issues that Josh Gordon goes through.

“While that is, in part, a guy just trying to get better, it’s also Tom Brady being a really good person, continuing to try to help out and manifest Josh Gordon. . . .Tom Brady, to this day, really respects Josh Gordon and would love to see him live a better life.”

Gordon caught 40 passes for 720 yards and three touchdowns in 11 games for the Patriots last season before being suspended indefinitely in December. The Patriots tendered a contract as a restricted free agent, and Gordon signed the tender.

A league spokesperson said the NFL has no update on Gordon’s status.

In March, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the immediate focus was making sure Gordon is doing “what he needs to do to get his life on the right track.” Goodell added that once Gordon has found that track, the league will “get to that place” of determining a return to action.

37 responses to “Tom Brady intends to “foster” Josh Gordon

  1. ….I just don’t know what to say about The Greatest QB In The History of Football.

    February just can’t get here fast enough!

  2. its about football and its not about football …. better yet its about being the best team mate on and off the field as lets hope recovery takes and it all becomes the real deal where everyone except the haters come out with a win

  3. More like TB12 recognizes he’s got one WR w/o Gordon.
    Let’s see if the GOAT can conquer another man’s demons.

  4. I need “fostering” to help me overcome personal issues.
    Tom, Can I come over for dinner?

    If its just weed I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    Josh Gordon is not a punk like some of the others who have been suspended for a shorter time.

  5. @ phinland

    He is a major alcoholic and drinking has always been his biggest problem. His stints in rehab have been for drinking, not weed.

    Josh Gordon timeline

    – Accepted to play college football at Baylor

    – Arrested for possession of marijuana
    – Suspended by Baylor due to his arrest

    – Suspended indefinitely for failing a drug test for marijuana
    – Kicked off the Baylor football team
    – Transferred to Utah where he never played

    – Drafted by the Browns in the second round

    – Suspended for first two games for violating substance abuse policy
    – Made the Pro Bowl when he led NFL in yards with 1646

    – Arrested for DUI
    – Suspended by the NFL for entire season
    – Suspension reduced to 10 games
    – Reinstated by the NFL after missing 10 games
    – Suspended for final game for violating team rules

    – Suspended the entire season for violating NFL substance abuse policy for drinking
    – Forced to enter NFL’s substance abuse program for drinking

    – Failed drug test in January after filing for reinstatement
    – Suspended for first 4 games of the season
    – Left the Browns in September, one week before being reinstated, to enter in-patient rehab
    – Suspended indefinitely in October by the NFL for drinking problems

    – Reinstatement denied in July
    – Reinstatement denied in September
    – Reinstatement approved on Novemeber 1st
    – Eligible to return on December 3rd 2017, his first game in two years

    – Skipped training camp and preseason to attend rehab for drinking issues
    – Rejoined the team in August
    – Admitted in an interview he oftend played drunk or on drugs, would party the night before games
    – Injured hamstring during photo shoot the Browns didn’t know about, showed up late to team meetings, team claims his problems with alcohol have returned
    – Traded to Patriots on September 17th
    – Showed up late to team meeting in October, not disciplined by the Patriots
    – Announced on December 20th that he was taking a leave of absence, going to rehab
    – On December 20th he was suspended indefinitely for violating substance abuse policy, terms of reinstatement and faces a possible lifetime ban from the NFL

    College numbers:

    2009: 1 catch, 7 yards, 0td in 9 games
    2010: 42 catches, 742 yards, 7td in 13 games

    NFL numbers:

    2012: 50 catches, 805 yards, 5td in 16 games
    2013: 87 catches, 1646 yards, 9td in 14 games
    2014: 24 catches, 303 yards, 0td in 5 games
    2017: 18 catches, 335 yards, 1td in 5 games
    2018: 40 catches, 720 yards, 3td in 11 games
    2019: Currently SUSPENDED

  6. “I used to make a ritual of it before every game,” Gordon told GQ, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If I had already been drug tested that week, or the day before the game, I knew I had a couple days to buy to clean my system. Even before I was getting tested for alcohol, prior to my DWI in 2014, I would take the biggest bong rip I could. And try to conceal all the smell off all my clothes. I’d be dressed up to go to the game. A bunch of guys smoke weed before the game, but we’re not talking about them.”

    “I would have these little pre-made shots. I used to love Grand Marnier. I could drink it down smooth. I could usually drink a lot of it. But if it wasn’t that, it might be a whiskey or something. And I would drink probably like half a glass, or a couple shots to try and warm my system up, basically. To get the motor running. That’s what I would do for games.”

  7. cobrala2 says:
    June 22, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    More like TB12 recognizes he’s got one WR w/o Gordon.
    Let’s see if the GOAT can conquer another man’s demons.
    Brady can’t conquer Josh’s demons, only Josh can conquer his demons.

    But Brady is trying to provide support, mentorship and a nurturing environment for Josh by sharing his family life. Josh’s issues are clearly deeply rooted; we can only hope he can overcome. By going beyond a teammate relationship, it is clear that Brady is trying to help Josh the person, not just to enable Josh the football player.

    To imply that Brady is doing this for his own gain on the field is a very jaded viewpoint.

  8. Three demons to get past for Gordon – Mary J, Alky H, and the biggest one – Roger G…

  9. So…doesn’t all those suspensions mean he does have to sit out at least one season, or will they bend for TB?

  10. Tom Brady is trying to support a teammate and friend who needs help getting his life back on track. Why can’t it be as simple as that? Brady doesn’t “need” Gordon in the lineup for Brady to be successful. Brady’s success stands alone in the history of the NFL. The guy is being a friend.

  11. Just help the guy and stop publicizing it. Nothing worse than someone fasting who lets everyone know how great they are because they’re fasting.

  12. Kyle Cruel says:
    June 22, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Just help the guy and stop publicizing it. Nothing worse than someone fasting who lets everyone know how great they are because they’re fasting.
    “Nothing worse?”

    You and your attitude seem worse.

  13. Gordon was suspended ‘indefinitely’ not for a season or for a year.

    This type of thing is not meant to be punitive as much as it is to not tolerate the behavior and work towards helping the player.

    He has already missed 2 regular season games or 5 games overall, 6 if you count the playoff bye as a week.

    They could decide anything from letting him back for preseason, to making him sit 10 or 12 regular season games to just not letting him back.

    I think Goodell won’t stick it to the Patriots over this. They have already beaten him so badly that Kraft did not even react when he got the 3rd post-Deflategate Lombardi. What is the point anymore?

    The real punishment is that Gordon has lost a fortune over all of this.
    – Alshon Jeffrey was also a rookie in 2012 and he has made about 40 million so far.
    – Gordon has made 3.5 million over the same time.

  14. Where was Brady at when Gordon first got there? Did he not know he had a problem? Good job now though pal.

  15. The guy should of A. never been in the league and B. shouldn’t even be allowed to be in the league.

  16. I wish Tom Brady – and most importantly – Josh Gordon the best. I do think Josh will need more than Brady, and more than some mandatory NFL prescribed program. He needs some real help, and that doesn’t happen over a few months or even years. It can take a lifetime. Hopefully, Brady is trying to put him on that track, and not worried about how he will look in a Patriots jersey again.

  17. Even tho the guy has had a million chances to get “his life on track” and has failed at every turn I still can’t help but root for the guy. Obviously it’s in Toms interest this guy gets and stays on the field but he doesn’t have to help. But he is.

  18. Funny how the haters jump. Brady isn’t the only one looking out for Gordon. Alot of other people and players recognize that Gordon has issues and they want him to have a better life. He wasn’t at the ring ceremony because he wasn’t allowed to be there but one of his team members put his name on a card, took a picture, to let him know that he was still part of the team and was thought of.

  19. Brady’s intentions with Gordon are laudable and I wish Gordon the best. However, Brady and the Pats should be realistic: serious addiction problems are often resistant to efforts like this. Gordon has had sober companions in the past and has still returned to using. Not trying to be super pessimistic: it would be great for everyone if he can stay and play.

  20. I happen to think the Pats will be just fine if he’s not playing. I think the main think at this stage of Gordon’s career / life is to get clean and stay clean. If he ends up playing on the Pats and improving the team as a byproduct of staying clean, then that’s all well and good too.

  21. Amazing how it was when Gordon was a Brown. Fans constantly hoping he would be reinstated, only to learn it would be a very long wait. Now that he’s a Patriot, everything is different. He’s screws up for the umpteenth time, but now that he’s with New England, and Brady is going out of his way to promote him…. of course, all should be forgiven and he should be reinstated for the upcoming season. What a joke… when players screw up, and then continue to screw up, the punishment should increase in severity. Gordon has already received more than his fair share of ‘chances’.

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