LeSean McCoy uses his age as motivation

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Bills running back LeSean McCoy is used to being doubted. He’s now being doubting regarding his age, and he’ll be using that to motivate him in 2019, the final year of his current contract.

I use age and that type of thing to motivate me,” McCoy said Saturday at his youth football camp, via PennLive.com. “My whole life I’ve kind of been the underdog. Is he big enough? Is he tough enough? Can he play in the pros? I feel like guys like myself come around every once in a while and I want to stick to that. I’m up for it.”

McCoy definitely has confidence in his abilities, even as he closes in on his 31st birthday.

“It’s hard to replace a guy like me,” McCoy said. “I’m a good player and I feel like now, this year, they put a lot of guys around me. The front office got me some big hogs up front. And we’ll see what happens this year. I feel good and hopefully this year will speak for itself.”

McCoy has a constant reminder of the fact that a good year at 31 remains possible, in the presence of 36-year-old Frank Gore.

“Every day I see [Gore] playing hard,” McCoy said. “I see his growth, his smarts, his ability. That shows me that anything is possible.”

When it comes to McCoy’s status with the team in 2019, everything remains possible. His salary of $6.175 million isn’t justified by his 514 rushing yards and 3.2 yards-per-carry average in 2018, and the Bills could be plotting a well-timed ultimatum to reduce his salary or become an eleventh-hour entry to the free-agent market, where it would be difficult if not impossible to find a team that would pay McCoy $6.175 million for the coming season.

Plenty of teams have made plenty of pitches like that, usually in mid-to-late August. Even if the Bills don’t do it, McCoy should be bracing for that possibility.

14 responses to “LeSean McCoy uses his age as motivation

  1. Nothing better than serving up some humble pie for the doubters. Not sure it will happen, but it is awesome to witness when it does.

  2. They may try to squeeze McCoy but if he gets cut there are worse things that could happen. Right now he’s in a timeshare at best but being cut he could wait on an injury if there’s not one somewhere for him to step into a starting role. At worst he likely ends up in another timeshare but with probably a better qb situation so running with less men in the box.

  3. McDermmot and Beane have stated since the offseason began that he is part of the teams plan. I also belive McDermott likes McCoy as a person, player and leader in the locker room. His salary isn’t keeping us from making other roster moves, so lets just ride out the last year with McCoy and see how it goes. The team is better with him here so keeping him is the best football decision, finances aside.

  4. As long as McCoy has a good training camp like years past, Then he will be on the week 1 roster as RB1.

  5. “It’s hard to replace a guy like me”? That’s funny, the Eagles won the super bowl as soon as they got rid of McCoy. They actually replaced him with a Lombardi trophy.

  6. McCoy will be the starter week one and have a good year. He’s still a top 10 back.
    Splitting carries with other backs is just what he needs at his age. This is most likely his last year as a Bill maybe as an NFL-er. I hope he goes out on a high note.

  7. “That’s funny, the Eagles won the super bowl as soon as they got rid of McCoy. They actually replaced him with a Lombardi trophy.”

    Uh, no, McCoy left the Eagles after 2014. They replaced him with DeMarco Murray. You may remember how that went. Chip Kelly does, he was fired.

  8. Wouldn’t be surprised to see rookie Devin Singletary wedge his way into the Bills starting line up around mid-season. The kid was compared to McCoy at the draft and has the same elusiveness. I expect this to be LeSean’s last season in Buffalo.

  9. Shady still has something left in the tank. This is probably the best Bills team he’s had around him to date so it will be very interesting to watch. In fact, I haven’t been this excited for the Bills in more than a decade… for realz tho #GoBills #LetsGoBuffalo #BillsMafia

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