Lincoln Riley has $4.6 million buyout if he leaves for NFL after 2019

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Lincoln Riley said he was not tempted to leave Oklahoma for an NFL job this offseason, failing to show any interest even in leaving for the Browns, where his former quarterback, Baker Mayfield, plays. Riley explained it’s “hard to see myself leaving Oklahoma.”

But even a contract extension earlier this offseason didn’t stop Riley-to-the-NFL talk.

This might quiet the talk for a year or two: Our friends at College Football Talk reported that an open records request by the Tulsa World discovered that Riley has a $4.6 million buyout if he leaves OU for any job, including the NFL, after the 2019 season. The buyout drops by $1 million every year thereafter until March 16, 2022, when OU will waive the buyout.

Riley’s deal runs through 2023, and he receives a $1 million bonus if he is the head coach on April 1, 2021.

Riley, 35, will make $6 million in total compensation in 2019, making him the highest-paid coach in school history.

He has produced a 24-4 record, with two Big 12 championships and two Heisman Trophy winners in his two seasons.

12 responses to “Lincoln Riley has $4.6 million buyout if he leaves for NFL after 2019

  1. We live in a world where Jon Gruden is paid $10 million yearly. $4.6 million is a laughable impediment to hiring this man if teams think he can make a difference.

  2. My money is on him taking the jump eventually..r9 Every one does it. From Chip Kelly(?) , to Pete Caroll , to the old ball coach, to even king Saban himself.

  3. Many very successful college coaches have failed in the NFL. See Steve Spurrier and Chip Kelly. Sounds like Riley has it pretty good at OU. He might want to think twice about leaving.

  4. as a sooner and cowboys fan I hope he stays in norman…jerry wont allow him the flexibility to get the players he wants for his system so he will be doomed to fail…


  5. He’ll arrive in Dallas as offensive coordinator next year, for Sean Peyton’s new team.

  6. I think he will still be in Texas but as the next head coach of the Texans (Brees retires and Sean heads to Dallas for 2 first rounders); team has talent and a much better QB than in Dallas. Bill O’Brien doesn’t get at least to second round of the playoffs they need to part ways with him (really should have done it this year).

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