Amari Cooper on being highest-paid WR: Not now

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Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper told us that he was looking for a 2,000-yard season during Monday’s appearance on #PFTPM and he also revealed that he’s still looking to prove the Cowboys right for trading for him last season.

Cooper is setting those goals at the same time that he’s talking to the Cowboys about a new contract and the same time that several other top wide receivers are looking for new deals. One of those receivers — Julio Jones, A.J. Green and Michael Thomas are the others — will likely wind up as the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

While making the interview rounds on Monday, Cooper suggested that’s not his goal. He said on The Dan Patrick Show that he isn’t watching Thomas’s pockets and directly answered a question about being the highest-paid wideout on ESPN.

Not now. Definitely looking forward to earning that respect and definitely looking forward to coming into this year and just putting up those numbers for my team and really showing what I can do in a full season as a Dallas Cowboy,” Cooper said. “I know that I have the skillset to be one of the highest-paid receivers. I’m just all about going out there and proving it.”

If Cooper goes into the season without a new deal in place, there will be a lot riding on what he proves by the end of the year.

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  1. It’s not about money. It’s about respect. Of course the only way to show respect is with money. But it’s not about money. That would be crass and greedy.

  2. There is absolutely no way that Cooper will be the highest paid WR in the league as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. If that is the goal they should play the franchise tag game and then move on in 2-3 years. Pay him up front for his services or tag-and-trade him.

  3. I get that players want to be paid well, most players deserve it, I get it. I don’t get why most players keep wanting to reset the bar to be “the highest paid ever at their position”; then gripe when some guy gets a better deal and ultimately jam up them team’s salary cap preventing them from getting the pieces around them to win a Super Bowl. Then they ultimately become a salary cap casualty. How many times have we seen someone who is the highest paid at their position, have their team win a Super Bowl? (Legit question).

  4. Not now … or ever. This guy had a nice six game run. But let’s not forget the preceding three years hall marked with drops, sloppy routes, and inconsistent effort. He is far from an elite receiver.

  5. It would be hard to swing him top tier money with Zeke and Dak on the roster. As well as that o-line.

    I think he more than anything wants to proove his worth, stay a Cowboy and win games.

  6. Of course he wants to be the highest-paid WR. He just knows better than to blatantly say that publicly.

  7. If Coop had a full season with the Cowboys he would have had 1600 yards last year. 2000 isn’t too far off. That offense is going to run through Zeke and Coop so it’s totally possible. I don’t think it will happen, but why dog on someone for having lofty goals for themselves?

  8. It’s comical that folks here say things like “1,600 yds was possible, so 2,000 isn’t that much more” – are you insane? An additional 400 yards is a TON. Think of all of the great WRs who have played the game and then think, is Cooper really going to be the guy to break that mark? With Dak at QB and Elliot at RB?

    Look at it this way – if Dak throws for 4,000 yards, that would mean that 50% of his yards would go to 1 guy. I’m sorry, but he’s not that special.

  9. Amari Cooper is the best route runner in the NFL. Don’t blame him for failures in Oakland. He was the least of that dumpster fire of an organozation’s issues.

  10. Fair or unfair the Cowboys will overpay for both Dak and Amari. Here’s the problem: the Cowboys run an offense system that is run first. Everything on offense is based on the O-line and time of possession. Dak will never be statistically worth franchise QB money nor will Amari ever be in the top 5 in catches over the course of an NFL season. However without these guys the Cowboys are toast. So it comes down to not what are they worth on the open market but rather what are they worth to the Cowboys. Any other team that tries to build a franchise off of either Dak or Amari and pay them accordingly will certainly regret it because they’re really good players….as long ad you’re not asking them to do too much.

  11. Cooper $22 Mil Dak $34 Mil If my math is correct that’s 2 players at $56 Mil. Hey Jerry, are you gonna go for it? The Giants hope you do.

  12. Even if he was on a pass-happy team I dont think he could reach 2000 yards. But being on a run first team with one of the best rb in football who gets a ton of carries, it definitely won’t happen.

  13. The hate for Amari Cooper is unreal. The guy came into the league and was the focal point of his team’s offense and produced, for the Raiders of all teams. He has been a pro bowler for 3 of the 4 years he’s been in the league. And he just turned 25 this month.

    Is he Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson or Antonio Brown or Odell? No. No he is not. But he’s still pretty darn good. And as the 2nd option in Dallas’ offense (obviously the offense runs through Zeke) he will continue to shine.

    The best part about this unfounded hate is he seems like a consummate professional and solid human. Unlike a lot of diva WRs (AB, OBJ, shoot even Julio held out on a contract he SIGNED and agreed to last year due to money). Just look at how he answered this question

    I like the guy’s attitude. And unlike AB, OBJ or Julio, Amari’s team was in the playoffs last year because of him.

  14. As a Raiders fan Coops showed glimpses of what he can do but then disappeared often. Did the same thing with Dallas, one minute a huge game against the Eagles then quiet weeks.

    He’s young and will improve but the huge contract he wants is a joke, one reason why the Raiders were wise to get rid of him when they did. Dallas with Prescott/Elliott/Jones and others wanting a huge pay day will struggle to pay them all, one or two will have to be franchised or traded surely

  15. I saw Amari’s interview where he said playing for the Cowboys he now feels like hes playing in the NFL, and Khalil Mack also said something similar. I feel where they’re coming from. In the Bay it had to be cold living in that 49er shadow. Nobody paid attention to the them while they were Raiders.

    But now I see why Gruden got rid of them.They are not real Raiders. Real Raiders embrace their underdog/step child complex and use it as fuel. You gotta be a tough special breed to be a Raider. To be from Oakland period.

  16. ladyjet says:
    June 24, 2019 at 5:41 pm
    That’s about the ONLY HOPE Giants have!

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    Ladyjet, That’s a good one! 🙂

  17. As an Eagles fan, this worries me a little. I’d much rather him be focused on his contract, and getting the most money.

  18. sportoficionado says:
    June 24, 2019 at 4:57 pm
    Amari Cooper is the best route runner in the NFL. Don’t blame him for failures in Oakland. He was the least of that dumpster fire of an organozation’s issues.

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    So let me get this straight … I can only “thumbs down” your comment, once??? LOL

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