Bucs undaunted by Winston’s picks, as long as he stops throwing them

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The Buccaneers know they have a big decision to make on quarterback Jameis Winston after this season.

But before they get to the big numbers in a possible second contract, they have to see if they can push through the big numbers on the back of Winston’s football card.

Specifically, new quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen told Albert Breer of SI.com that he wasn’t scared by Winston’s 58 interceptions in his first four seasons.

Christensen did some quick googling, and pointed out that Peyton Manning thew 81 picks his first four seasons, that Andrew Luck threw 55, and Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford threw 54 each.

Your first four years, you throw a bunch of interceptions,” Christensen said. “Almost all of them did. [Matt] Ryan had less, but they ran the ball in Atlanta, he went to a little bit better football team. But you look at all the numbers, [Winston] had thrown for 14,000 yards. I just hadn’t seen [the Bucs] on TV and they hadn’t won.

“So I wasn’t aware of it, but his numbers were solid for a guy who missed a couple of games with injury, a couple of games with suspension. His numbers were right up in there with all the others, what we would assess as really good players.”

Of course, there’s more to it that raw interception numbers, as Winston has created a complex calculus for the Bucs by dealing with off-field problems including last year’s suspension (for a 2016 allegation of groping an Uber driver). But as they put a new staff around him that’s geared toward making things easier on the quarterback, the Bucs are willing to isolate their evaluation to the football side of the equation.

“You’re going into your fifth year, you’re not the rookie anymore,” Christensen said. “It’s time. Stuff really should show up now. That fourth and fifth year, the sixth year, is when it should click. Now, you have to put a supporting cast around him, and give him a chance too. That’s a big part of this thing. But you’re a veteran guy now. Dumb interceptions are not OK, bad judgment’s not OK, that stuff is what you’ve been working on for four years, getting the experience.”

Winston’s in a pivotal year, playing out the fifth-year option on his rookie deal. A big season could make him a wealthy man, but continuing to throw it to the other team could send his career in a different direction.

15 responses to “Bucs undaunted by Winston’s picks, as long as he stops throwing them

  1. Winston is already a wealthy man.
    At worst he gets a contract in the low 20’s, for several years – he’s set for life.

    he has a lot of potential, but cutting down on turnovers is a big deal.
    You can’t just dismiss it.
    It is worrisome that he’s still turning over the ball 4 years later.

  2. Aside from the ints he just seems like a headache to deal with. Definitely flashes leadership qualities from time to time but when you add in the ints, you’re eventually going to exhaust the coaching staff and fans.

  3. The difference between Winston and some of those other guys is that they were bright spots on otherwise dismal teams, whereas Winston in at least a couple of those seasons was seen as the weakness on otherwise promising teams.

  4. I wonder if having Winston in defensive meetings whould help….so he can see thier way of thinking and how they try and rattle QB’s into hurried regretable throws. Winston just seems to make poor throwing choices. I don’t know if that can be fixed.

  5. Once it’s shown that the interceptions are right there with other young quarterbacks, the goalposts moved.

    He needs to get better and he needs to continue to mature into the leader / quarterback everyone projected him to be.

  6. xbam says:
    June 24, 2019 at 10:34 am
    if the Buccs give him a lot of money they will regret it…


    If Arians can’t fix him then he wont be getting money from Tampa. Pretty simple logic.

  7. Bucs undaunted by Winston’s picks, as long as he stops throwing them……

    Dah, you think! This writer is a genius. Wonder why nobody figured out this before?

  8. The only way he is a game changer is that he gives games away… The only team on the field this guy is an asset to is the other team.. But yeah, when has this team ever been known for making good decision since Mr. Malcom passed… Keep you low grade qb… You should be comfortable now in the NFCS south cellar.. you’ve been there so long it should be named after you…

  9. “Now, you have to put a supporting cast around him, and give him a chance too. That’s a big part of this thing.”

    LOL I’ll believe it when I see it. Outside of WRs the Bucs offensive line, running backfield and defense have all been abysmal. I’m surprised hes still alive. I cant think of 5 qbs in the NFL that would that the bucs to the playoffs with that roster. Their Head coaches have either went to college or downgrade back to coordinator… and let’s not even get started with Jason Licht

  10. Look at the Fumble numbers. Int’s aren’t the only turnovers that happen and as it turns out Winston has a big fumble problem. 38 fumbles in 4 years.

  11. Arians “The Quarterback Whisperer” doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Winston. Handed off responsibility to Leftwich, and doesn’t even go into the QB room. That’s probably the best indication of Jameis future with the Bucs. Bruce doesn’t want him on his record.

  12. Luck, Newton, and Stafford have won how many Super Bowls? Yeah. Those are careers you want your QB to aspire to.

  13. Winston is 25 years-old and very gifted. Pulling for Arians and Letfwich to help him mature and reach his potential!!

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