Keeping tabs on open practices at NFL training camps

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As NFL teams make their preparations for training camps, we’re keeping tabs on which teams have the most practices open to the public — and which teams are restricting access. Here’s a look at how many open practices are being held by each of the teams that have announced their training camp schedules:

20: Cowboys.

19: Broncos.

16: Vikings, Colts, Packers.

15: Browns, Panthers, Ravens, Steelers.

14: Cardinals.

13: Chargers, Saints, Washington.

12: Seahawks.

11: Buccaneers, 49ers.

10: Giants, Bengals, Dolphins, Lions.

9: Bears, Bills, Titans.

8: Falcons.

7: Rams.

6: Jaguars.

5: Jets, Texans.

1: Eagles.

0: Raiders.

5 responses to “Keeping tabs on open practices at NFL training camps

  1. The Patriots will be sending representatives to some of those practices. ☺

  2. The two owners that are in the hall of fame because of their work on the tv package have the most open practices. The others owners should take notice and open more practices to the public.

  3. I see the Lion have none so far…..I guess they do not want to let out any secrets to the rest of the NFL.

  4. The Raiders actually have 10 dates they open for fans, but they give the tickets to season ticket holders only. There is not a lot of room at the facilities in Napa for fans, so it is limited. But its not like no one gets to watch training their camp.

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