Keeping tabs on open practices at NFL training camps

Getty Images

As NFL teams make their preparations for training camps, we’re keeping tabs on which teams have the most practices open to the public — and which teams are restricting access. Here’s a look at how many open practices are being held by each of the teams that have announced their training camp schedules:

20*: Cowboys.

19: Broncos.

16: Vikings, Colts, Packers.

15: Browns, Panthers, Ravens, Steelers.

14: Cardinals.

13: Chargers, Saints, Washington.

12: Seahawks.

11: Buccaneers, 49ers.

10: Giants, Bengals, Dolphins.

9: Bears, Bills, Titans.

8: Falcons, Lions.

7: Rams.

6: Jaguars.

5: Jets, Texans.

1: Eagles.

0: Raiders.

*The Cowboys have announced 15 open training camp practices in Oxnard, California. They also will have open practices at their home training facility when they return, and though they have not announced the dates, they are expected to have an additional five in Frisco, Texas.