NCAA threatens to exclude California schools from national championship competitions

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Colleges located in the biggest state in the nation could be excluded from competitions for the biggest prizes in college sports. Supposedly.

In response to an effort by California to consider allowing college athletes to earn money from their names, images, and likenesses without losing their amateur status, the NCAA has suggested that those schools could be kept from attempting to win national championships.

“We recognize all of the efforts that have been undertaken to develop this bill in the context of complex issues related to the current collegiate model that have been the subject of litigation and much national debate,” NCAA president Mark Emmert wrote in a letter to California legislators, via USA Today. “Nonetheless, when contrasted with current NCAA rules, as drafted the bill threatens to alter materially the principles of intercollegiate athletics and create local differences that would make it impossible to host fair national championships. As a result, it likely would have a negative impact on the exact student-athletes it intends to assist.”

That’s a fancy word salad that carries at its core a very real threat.

California’s potential effort to give student-athletes a fair path to capitalizing on their skills, abilities, and sacrifices makes plenty of sense. But the NCAA continues to stubbornly refuse to allow those who are most responsible for making money in college sports to get any of their own. It’s an inherently corrupt and unfair system, and it continues to operate in plain sight, with the likes of the NFL enabling it via the rule that forces players to spend three years playing college football before finally earning a proper living.

28 responses to “NCAA threatens to exclude California schools from national championship competitions

  1. “ith the likes of the NFL enabling it via the rule that forces players to spend three years playing college football before finally earning a proper living.”


    Players must be 3 years removed from their high school graduating class. There’s no rule saying they have to spend even 1 year playing college football.

  2. So, if you come to our school “We” (wink, wink) will allow you to make money off of your name, likeness & image.
    Our alumni booster owns a video game company and is giving five star recruits like you who sign with his alma mater two million to use your image in his video game. Sign here.
    End of college sports.

  3. bee ess- kids will still go to Caii schools -it’s about time th bajillion dollars these colleges make from others are at least shared- in fact I bet more kids would want to go to Cali schools because they can help their families right away- NCAA will lose this battle, may take some time, but ultimately I think most agree these kids deserve more than just a scholarship

  4. Watch California laugh at the NCAA for being the joke of an institution it is, watch big-time college recruits flock to California and not care at all about the National Championships, and watch people like Katie Ledecky not have to give up millions to go to Stanford and compete against her peers. Yeah NCAA, go ahead and threaten away.

  5. I still am not quite sure exactly what the NCAA even does besides unjustly siphon money from schools. A quick Google search says they spend about $200 million on legal fees, gatherings and conferences, and day to day operations. Seems absurd when conferences pay for similar things. Not to mention the botched transfer portals, terrible eligibility rulings, and countless other things make you question why Emmert makes almost $3 million. It’s only a matter of time the 30-40 big dog schools give the NCAA the finger, stop subsidizing lesser programs, start paying their players, and rake in even more money.

  6. Lived in Cali for over 30 years had to get out so I moved that place is a dumpster fire. I watched as the beautiful neighbor hoods I grew up in just turn to crap. California isn’t anything like it once was.

  7. Title 9 will never allow it. You have to treat women and men fairly and that includes competition. If you pay SEC football players then the female crew team will want their equal share. It’s easy to blame the NCAA, but the women’s teams would sue and sue.

  8. The same people that scream SOCIALISM! are the same ones saying that college athletes should not get justly compensated for their work.

    Can’t have it both ways.

    An easy solution would be to pay teams for wins and more for wins at the end of year tournaments. Not to sound like a socialist, but maybe every player on the roster gets equal pay – keep it simple stupid.

    If college athletes ever decide to use some good ole American entrepreneurialism, they can simply boycott the NCAA basketball tournament or football playoffs. They would be smart to wait until all the bets are in, parties planned, tickets sold, and advertising dollars spent. What is the worst that can happen?..
    maybe withhold their game-check that will show them.

    Then again what do I care? I am an NFL fan that doesn’t waste my time watching the JV league that stiffs its money generators. Their system and tournament is whack too.

    Lastly, if it bothers you that college athletes get compensated fairly for their labor, then don’t buy tickets or watch the games – throw your jealousy tantrum and go read a good book.

  9. We can make it real simple for everyone since apparently getting a free ride or a lot of your college expenses being paid for by the school isn’t considered enough based on the money being paid out. Every kid has a total balance owed for school education, go ahead and deduct out of a monthly basis from their “pay” intil that’s paid off. Once that’s paid off money in their pocket

  10. Lets see….Smart and talented college athletes get a free four year education, and the accolades they achieve there, could propel them into another short and lucrative career in the sport that they play….enough said…

  11. I am 100% against paying college players because if you think it ends with just football and mens basketball you’re naive. However, there is no logical reason why student athletes shouldn’t be allowed to profit off of THEIR likeness. I believe it is a fair compromise.

  12. We are all aware of enough known singular incidents where an athlete and his family received compensation and faced no consequences as they turned pro, although their schools and fellow teammates lost their championships and suffered penalties. Nowadays, sports agents and sports manufacturers are smarter in concealing bribes and payments, so don’t tell me that it isn’t being done. Those teammates who aren’t most talented will get to watch the star running back or basketball player come to practice in their Ferrari while they ride a bike to practice. California likes to lead in all things.

  13. This is one argument Florio has right. Coaches, universities, and professors continue to reap rewards of student athletes and their skills, yet the student athlete gets partial scholarships at most. I wonder when a kid will get smart and LLC or Inc their name and likeness forcing a marketing decision by the Commie NCAA? Is it even a possibility?

  14. Please call their bluff California

    I have been hoping for the demise of the NCAA for 40 yrs now

  15. If you think the quality of play in the NFL has gone down hill now, wait till the one and done rule hits football or even high school kids are allowed to enter……..

    The state of sports, and really the entitlement of our Country’s younger generation is unfortunate.

  16. They get a free education in an era where non athletes are leaving school with huge student loan debts.

    The fact that many of these athletes aren’t smart enough to take advantage of the gift being given to them is the problem, not that fact that they aren’t receiving cash payments (legally, anyway).

    I’m good with banning CA teams from competing for national championships. Many of those teams have a history of violating the rules anyway.

  17. Bet there’s an increase in premier players gravitating to California schools if that goes through. Full ride and get paid? Those guys won’t care about a national championship.

  18. The NCAA should pay ALL Student Athletes for their time as Work-Study at the going rate that the regular student population is paid. They devote 20-30 hours a week to their sport and cannot work other jobs. This would be the equivalent of the student working the Information Desk representing their school. Yes, the school is making money on the student…but the school is also making money on the Biology Major who is performing research. But that Biology Major can get paid for Work-Study.

  19. Suppose this happens and you’re a prospective college athlete. Do you choose a California school so you can earn right out of high school or do you go to one of the other 49 states so you might get a chance to play in the Great Falls Flex Seal Bowl? I know what I’d ask my kid to do.

  20. The ncaa is the biggest cabal of exploiters in the country today. These university profit off the backs of these young men rapaciously and shamelessly. If I was a player I would sue them for using my name and likeness on any of their products. What a bunch of soulless, vacuous hypocrites.

  21. The money these college athletes have waiting for them in the pros is ultimately what keeps them in school with some attention paid toward grades and maintaining GPA minimum standards. I think college athletes should be more great full to be blessed with talent, more patient for the big pay check and more appreciative of the opportunity to attend big name schools and get a free education. My generation wants it all and they want it immediately. All this country needs is for young players like Zion or tua to get paid then hurt themselves or someone else……let these kids be kids without being spoiled by greed, and the poor kids who’s families want that meal ticket – oh well NO PAY for College Play

  22. The couple of college athletes that I knew personally during the 1990’s would openly admit that they had it made. They had more than 3 hots and a cot. Free tutors. Free clothes. They got opportunities because of athletics (including leadership programs) that the average students had zero access to. And the job opportunities via alumni upon graduation were something they could literally not get anywhere else.

    Maybe things have changed but the victim cries with college athletes seems misplaced.

  23. Keep in mind that less than 2% of NCAA mens basketball and football players will make it to the pro level. What do we want the other 98% to do when their college eligibility is done? If we start saying paying them is OK, how long will it be until a lawsuit challenges the right of the NCAA to limit players to only 4 years of college competition? Why should the NCAA have the right to limit an athlete from making money, when every other student who pays their way can just keep going to school as long as they want? If we don’t want college athletics, so be it, but then completely strip the athletics away from colleges and set up entry-level pro leagues for the athletes to develop in. See how much revenue Lacrosse, Crew and Track and Field bring in, and share that income fairly with the participants. If all of the sports aside from those that people want to watch crumble, oh well, no one wanted to watch those sports anyways. If on the other hand you want to look at the NCAA and college sports as an incredible opportunity for the 98%+ of college athletes who won’t go pro to play a sport the (hopefully) enjoy, including many who would never go to college otherwise, and get a college education paid for, then realize that it’s an imperfect system, but for all it’s flaws, it serves a greater good for a much larger population than those who play football or basketball with the hope of making it big in the pros. Besides, as the recent 5 star basketball recruit who decided to go to Australia and play pro ball for a year before trying to get into the NBA shows, there are options.

  24. Well it is California so what will happen next you must pay woman’s softball next because you can’t pay just males. Let’s be honest does anyone go to bed at night worrying about this. I bet if you poll 1000 people none of them will list paying college football players in their top 10 of things that keep them up at night.

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