Report: Tyreek Hill meeting with NFL investigators this week

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Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill is scheduled to meet with NFL investigators this week in Kansas City, Terez Paylor of reports.

The local district attorney recently stated that Hill isn’t the subject of an active criminal investigation, allowing the NFL to move ahead in its independent investigation.

Hill remains suspended from all team activities, and the league still could punish him under its Personal Conduct Policy.

Hill’s attorney sent the NFL a four-page rebuttal against the child abuse charges in May.

Just because NFL investigators are meeting with Hill this week does not necessarily mean the the league will make a decision before training camp.

The NFL’s investigation into Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott lasted more than a year before it handed him a six-game suspension. Elliott, who was never arrested or charged after a former girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse, fought the league’s discipline before finally serving the suspension late in 2017.

22 responses to “Report: Tyreek Hill meeting with NFL investigators this week

  1. Should never have been allowed into the 2016 draft – as he was still serving his 3yr sentence of probation and various anger/abuse courses for assaulting his pregnant GF, sitting on her, punching her womb and strangling her. Of course, 31 teams stayed clear and then classless Chiefs’ duo Dorsey & Reid got him after he’d fallen way down into the 5th round.

  2. I hope for the best, but I’m not expecting it here. If KC is smart, they’ll just franchise tag him after this year rather than offering a multi-year contract. I honestly can’t see him staying out of trouble for two years.

  3. He should not be allowed to play this season. If you beat up your son, what else does it take to
    Suspend a player?

  4. The NFL has already had time to review the evidence and shouldn’t have any trouble deciding the suspension or not in the next month.

  5. Whether the NFL can get anywhere on the child abuse aspect remains to be seen but all by itself that audio tape is going to make it damn near impossible for Hill to avoid a serious suspension.

  6. If a certain owner can get away with illegally obtained video, then a certain wr should get the same consideration with illegally obtained audio.

  7. annes22 says:
    June 24, 2019 at 6:33 pm
    He should not be allowed to play this season. If you beat up your son, what else does it take to
    Suspend a player?


  8. Facts matter, despite this website’s attempts to disparage Hill. There is no proof that Hill abused his son. Hill’s big mistake was getting back into a dysfunctional relationship with Crystal Espinal. Had he moved on from her, there would be no story now. Don’t be surprised if she ends up on the wrong side of the law when all is said and done.

    Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill did not break his three-year-old son’s arm last January, and neither did his fiancée, Crystal Espinal. According to multiple sources close to the investigation, Hill and Espinal were cleared of any role in the broken bone injury almost immediately after the investigation began in March.

    Investigators quickly agreed with the medical staff that the broken bone was the result of typical accident involving a rambunctious toddler, consistent with reaching out to brace for a fall.

  9. Illegally obtained audio huh. Tell me again how the owner of the Panthers was forced out of the league?
    Do you know the laws in your state about recording conversations? If not it’s in your best interest to find out.

  10. Most states allow audio recordings without the consent of the other parties if the person recording is one of the parties.It is perfectly legal for me to record any conversation I have with anyone without their consent.

  11. Since that conversation was recorded at Dubai international Airport, the person that recorded it gave the news station permission to use it. 38 states allow one party consent to record any conversation they are part of.

  12. Slap the franchise tag on Hill? Lock up 16 million dollars in cap space on a guy one misstep from a long-term league ban = and at the ultimate diva position, where you don’t need the best to win SuperBowls? Hard pass.

  13. Is it me or Godell has no clue how to handle situations He spends over 20 million in lawyers and months of court dates to suspend Brady over a couple footballs that may or may have not have been deflated but Tyreck Hill who has a history of violence against women and children has a hard time to decide what to do.The min the reports came out he broke a kids arm he should been suspended.Shame on Goodell this isnt his first muff up and won’t be his last.

  14. I agree this kid needs counseling. He deserves at the least a 6 game suspension for what he said. But I have had a crazy ex before, that goes out of their way to ruin your life. Blames you for everything and gets you in trouble with the law. So by all means lets crucify this kid for saying something in the heat of the moment. But man I’d really like to hear what she said to him in the first 10 minutes of that phone call that drove him to say that.

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