Russell Wilson loves the way DK Metcalf processes information


Seahawks rookie wide receiver DK Metcalf got a lot of attention before the draft for his impressive physique and his athletic ability, but what quarterback Russell Wilson likes best about him is the mental, not the physical, part of his game.

Wilson was a quick study during offseason work, and Wilson came away as impressed with Metcalf’s intelligence as anything else.

“Everybody knows about his ability to run and everything else, and jump and catch and all that,” Wilson said, via ESPN. “You guys have been talking about that for months, but I think more than anything else, it’s his brain and how he processes information and how quickly he understands it. He’s really intelligent. He really understands the game really well. He takes coaching really well. He gets extra work. He’s a legit pro wide receiver. He’s everything that everybody was talking about in terms of what he’s capable of and more.”

Pre-draft analyses of Metcalf were all over the map, with many observers thinking he was a first-round pick, but the Seahawks getting him at the end of the second round. Wilson thinks the Seahawks got a steal.