Browns sue sponsor that failed to make agreed payment

Getty Images

The customer is always right. Except when the customer doesn’t pay.

The Cleveland Browns have sued a sponsor that failed to pay the agreed amount. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business, the team filed a civil action to enforce a $525,000 arbitration won against Hard Beverages for not making payment under the first year of a deal with the team.

The Browns agreed to display the company’s logo in a variety of contexts, and the company agreed to pay $525,000 per year. With interest, the amount owed has spiked to more than $580,000.

Absent compelling evidence of a significant problem with the arbitration process, a court decision turning the arbitration award into a formal judgment is a formality.

And, yes, I wrote all of this blurb without making a snarky comment about rebates. Well, almost all of it.