Cierre Wood indicted for murder, 20 felony child abuse charges

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Former NFL running back Cierre Wood and his girlfriend were indicted on murder and 20 felony child abuse charges in the death of a five-year-old girl, the Associated Press reports.

Amy Taylor’s daughter, La’Rayah Davis, was found lifeless in Wood’s apartment in Las Vegas on April 9. Wood and Taylor are accused of killing Davis.

Taylor and her daughter moved in with Wood and his own daughter less than two weeks before Davis died.

Davis had 20 newly broken ribs, internal bleeding, a lacerated liver and bruises to her heart, diaphragm, and connective tissue, according to autopsy findings. Taylor told police she sat on the girl while disciplining her about a week before her death, per court documents.

Wood told police he used exercise as discipline, and Davis feel backward while doing sit-ups and hit her head on the carpeted floor, the AP reports.

Wood and Taylor each could get life in prison if convicted.

Wood plans to plead no guilty at his arraignment July 2, his attorney, Thomas Ericsson, told the AP.

Wood, who had five career carries for 12 yards, appeared in five career regular-season games with the Texans and Bills from 2013-15. He also spent time with the Patriots, Ravens, and Seahawks during his NFL career before playing parts of two seasons in the Canadian Football League with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Montreal Alouettes, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

31 responses to “Cierre Wood indicted for murder, 20 felony child abuse charges

  1. This man and girlfriend don’t deserve too take another breath. We are too reserved as forms of justice. If they are guilty which looks like it why even go through all the nonsense. Kill em both than maybe people would start thinking twice about doing these crazy things. Complete disgust

  2. Twenty broken ribs and other internal injuries, and he intends to plead not guilty?

    There’s a special place for lowlifes like these two. I hope they get their due.

  3. Reading this just ruined my day.–What monstrous cruelty to a young child.– A public stoning ’till death or a simple duo public hanging in the public square.– Dump the trash.

  4. This level of carnage upon an innocent child…. There simply can be no civil response other than complete elimination. These two are not human. They are broken animals. We routinely put broken animals down permanently to protect society.

    When found guilty, they should simply be eliminated from this planet, post haste.

    What purpose does civility serve here considering the fate of these two, when found guilty. There is nothing civil about broken animals that methodically kill little children. They are not human beings. Whatever method used to eliminate them is justified.

  5. Let the punishment fit the crime….20 broken ribs & bruised heart….sounds like justice to me….

  6. Vigilante justice with some torture is the only thing that could even come close to giving scum like that “what they deserve.”

  7. Vasteelerfan says:
    June 25, 2019 at 6:56 pm
    slow steam roller.

    Sad story, but another Pats player……just cant be
    WOW…..he was on the Pats PRACTICE SQUAD from 11/5/13 to 12/26/13….. a little over a month & THAT is what caught your attention about this tragic story…..WOW!!!

  8. “kissbillsrings says:

    WOW…..he was on the Pats PRACTICE SQUAD from 11/5/13 to 12/26/13….. a little over a month & THAT is what caught your attention about this tragic story…..WOW!!!”

    Well, yes. What do you expect? We are very jealous of the Patriots’ success, and more than sick and tired of their bandwagon fans who can’t help but obnoxiously extol the virtues of a franchise they despised, or ignored, not that long ago, so yes, we will troll you at every opportunity we get, including pointing out that, if convicted, this would be the third murderer who has appeared on a Patriots roster, the most of an NFL franchise. And no, we don’t care if it was for 30 minutes, never mind 30 days. He’s still your guy.

  9. Since you’re listing every NFL team & practice squad he was on, how about pointing out he ran for over 1100 yards as a junior at Notre Dame.

  10. Evil indeed. But with some, no, many of the responses here anyone can see that such evil extends further than these two horrible people.

    Steam rollers? Look in the mirror if you want to see evil.

  11. That is a horrible and tragic story. I mean a little kid. No matter what justice they impose, its not gonna change how awful some people are. Poor kid. What a sad day it is when adults treat kids like that. I always thought before somebody does something like that,call someone. Somebody would have been happy to raise that kid. I am sure there were family or friends who would have stepped in to offer that help but who knew?

  12. I can understand being jealous of the Patriots success, but to call him our guy is comical at best…..
    Hernandez was our guy, we drafted him despite his sketchy past, I’ll give you that, The truth is nobody really knows anybody & what they are capable of….some people are just mentally unstable or as it looks to be in this case, disgusting low life scum that are basically a waste of flesh & other peoples oxygen…..or just plain evil….take your pick….either way the results are the same, a very tragic story that shows us all the horrific things many in today’s society are capable of…..scary!!!!

  13. A little girl BEATEN to death! Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine what that scene would have looked and sounded like.

    If the courts let him live, someone in prison needs to correct that mistake. And from what I understand, they don’t take kindly to child abusers on the inside.

  14. One broken rib can bring a grown man to tears from the pain.

    The horror and fear that little girl suffered. Just sickening.

  15. Pure evil man…pure evil. there is a special place in Hell for people that commit crimes against children.

  16. You all talking about tyreek hill need to read the whole story not just whatnbc says police and doctors determined that hill or Espinol broke the kids arm the first day of the investigation why NBC fails to report this I have no idea it is obvious his ex has some major mental problems she is the one who has admitted to wipping their son with a belt there is way more to the story than what your getting on NBC

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