Robbie Gould on trade request: It’s a complicated situation

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Robbie Gould sounds as if he prefers a return to Chicago, where he and his family call home, if he had a say in where he plays. But San Francisco used the franchise tag on him, and despite the kicker having requested a trade, the 49ers have shown no inclination to move him.

“It’s a complicated situation,” Gould told this week, via a transcript from “The way I’ve kind of approached it is, I want to spend time with my family. And I let my agent handle it, and if anything comes up that I have to make a decision or be in the know, he’ll call me and let me know. But right now there’s nothing to really know, and I’m just enjoying being home and being in Chicago.

“I’m at a point in my career where my family is what’s going to dictate the decisions that I make.”

Gould, 36, hosted his Celebrity Golf Invitational to raise funds for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. His ties to the area remain strong, having spent 11 years with the Bears, and he spent most of last season away from his wife and three young boys.

“This city’s been incredible,” Gould said. “No matter where I’ve gone, no matter where I’ve lived, no matter where I’ve played, Chicago has always been home.”

The Bears released him before the start of the 2016 regular season. Their kicking situation has been a mess ever since.

Gould, meanwhile, has made 82 of 85 field goals the past three seasons, in 10 games with the Giants in 2016 and 32 games with the 49ers over the past two seasons. So it’s no wonder the 49ers want to retain Gould.

But Gould has yet to sign the one-year, $4.971 million tender, and he remained away from the 49ers during the offseason program. So, at this point, who knows what Gould’s immediate future holds?

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  1. Thought the Bears cut him. Did they say the want him back? Who would want to live in Chicago anyway? Move the wifey and kids to beautiful California Robert.

  2. Good grief. Has any team ever been so drawn out over a kicker? Nobody cares. You choose to make Chicago your home, knowing full well in this business you can be cut and go to another Team.

    If teams are not allowed to openly discuss players on other teams should t the same standard be held for players

  3. The whole Chicago kicker thing is so so bizarre. They act like no other kicker has cost a team a game or a season. 31 other teams seem to find kicker pretty easily. I think Blair Walsh is available….Oh wait

  4. Tough luck.
    He signed with the 49ers and they have his rights.
    He has to suck it up for exactly 1 year.
    Its not like he has to go to Iraq or Afganistan, he has to play 17 games of football for a team he’d rather not play for AND get paid top dollar, almost $5,000,000.

    I’d have sympathy for a 26 year old running back making 600K/year who wants a longer contract.
    Not a veteran who knew what he was doing.

    If Gould dogs it and has a so-so season then he will have a hard time getting paid as a washed up 37 year old kicker.

    Play hard for 1 year and leave.

  5. Rent is really high in the Bay area, but with 4.971 MILLION dollars, I think he can find a shack that he and his wife and 3 young sons can live in until the season ends. Plus the weather is a whole bunch better!

  6. Well well, if we ain’t got some kicker drama here…

    Retire or play the season for 5 million. That’s a fair sum of money for a kicker. Will the niners budge? I don’t reckon… I don’t reckon a’tall.

  7. A kicker is probably the most dangerous player to be unhappy. Who’s to say he won’t go out and just miss kicks on purpose? Trade this man lol

  8. Then retire dude!

    You know if a team that cut me and did nothing but suck at finding a replacement I would not want to go back.

    Then again I would go work anywhere for almost 5 million bucks.

    These are rich guy problems. In my world not at all. For five million I would go to the North Pole and I hate the cold!

  9. So you have two choices. Show up in SF and play for the team that is offering you a bunch of money or retire and play with your kids.
    No need to go around and around. Show up or get out.
    As a SF fan, I hope he shows up.

  10. Chicago tried to save a couple million a year and replace him with young guys. Should have locked him up long term like the Ravens did with Tucker.

  11. Well SF will not release him. They made that loud and clear. He may do what new Jets RB Le’Von Bell did in the Steelers for 2018 sitting out. Hope they can find a solution as need him. Or they will have to go with ex-Bengals unproven K Jonathan Brown!

  12. Bears made a bad decision by cutting you 3 seasons ago. But you made bad decisions by talking bad against the Bears organization. You will not be a Chicago Bear.

  13. Most underrated kicker possibly ever. What that guy has done, in the not so easy conditions of that stadium in Chicago, is incredible.

  14. The Bears should trade “something” to the 49ers for Gould. The team is good enough to warrant a “cost” to acquire a top kicker like Gould.

    Considering that Chicago will be a defensive reliant team, likely playing good teams close, a kicker of Gould’s reliability will almost surely be worth (at least) a few wins they might otherwise lose.

  15. It will be sad if the Bears enter the season without the kicking situation resolved. That being said, if your double-doink kicker STILL outscores the #2 player in the draft against the Eagles, the blame is misplaced.

  16. I think the 49ers have a very promising young kicker Jonathan Brown on the roster…give him the job and trade Robbie back to the Bears for a 4th or 5th round pick. The Bears will overpay for a 36 year old kicker.

  17. Evidently Chicago didn’t feel the same way about him. He has 2 options play for SF. Or retire.

  18. This guy is a drama queen. He was the Bears union rep when the CBA was ratified. NOW he has a problem with it. #ShutUpAndKick …or retire.

  19. I wouldn’t want to play for that tire fire in Clara, just trade the poor guy and move on, it serves Clara right for franchising a kicker anyway.

  20. It is beautiful in Chicago in the summertime, can’t say I blame the guy for staying away from rainy Bay area this time of year. I just don’t get that he desperately wants to return to a team that cast him out for nothing just 3 years prior.

  21. He is also assuming that Chicago will trade for him. it is not a sure thing. After all they thought he was washed up a couple of years back.

  22. Believe it or not, this diva attitude was what led Ryan Pace to cut Gould back in 2015. That and the fact that he was having a mediocre season.

    But no way will John Lynch help the Bears out it anyway. Not after Pace got the better of him in the Trubisky trade as well as stealing Mack from right under him.

  23. Chicago sports radio is saying he pissed off the McCaskey family with some comments he made back in 2016 and the door is closed on him returning.

  24. Soldier Field is THE toughest place to kick in the NFL, it’s not even close, and Robbie Gould was as close to “automatic” as a human being could ever be in that stadium. Letting him go was a huge mistake by the Bears. Huge.

    As a Packer fan that’s greatly enjoying the Bears’ return to prominence, I have mixed emotions about his possible return. As it stands right now today, depending on Trubisky’s development, Robbie Gould may very well be that “one missing piece” we often hear about from teams.

  25. I have no problem with a man that decides it time to be with his family. I clearly don’t make $5 mill. & honestly it’s under 6 figures yet I turned down an honest $190k job offer bc the wife didn’t want to move. I get it. Money doesn’t buy happinesses, though it certainly makes a down payment on it.

  26. He controls his own destiny. He can simply retire and do what he wants.

    Ohhh, I get it. He means he wants the 5 million and to do what he wants..

  27. 9er’s own the rights to Gould, and Gould already ticked off Bear owners. I’d say that’s plenty complicated.

    Gould: Trade me.
    Lynch: Tag, you’re it.
    Nagy: Sure wish we had a kicker. Like maybe the guy that still lives here?
    McCaskey: Keep looking.

    Is he worth a 6th round pick? That’s all the Bears got back for Jordan Howard. Weird to consider they could have traded a young RB for an aging PK.

    The Bears cut before 2016 is the most suspect component. They dropped him after converting 33/39 (85%) when his 11-year career to date was … wait for it … 85%. He’s only been on fire since (96%, nobody even a close 2nd), making this all very painful for the Bears and their fans.

    Adam Vinatieri has been kicking twice as long with a lifetime 84% conversion rate. He looks like Santa Claus out there with the full white beard, but still safely employed.

  28. That blockhead Pace will do EVERYTHING he can to find a kicker NOT named Robbie Gould even though Gould would love to come home. Because that would mean admitting the embarrassing mistake in releasing him in the first place.

    The Pace/Fox era was like an episode of Designing Women …really boring and really stupid.

  29. It’s not complicated at all . Gould is your typical self absorbed out of touch with the real world athlete . When people in the real world are forced to move for employment they are not being paid nearly $5M to do so . Add in the fact SF rescued him from the scrap heap when his beloved hometown Bears kicked him to the curb and this is how he shows his appreciation . His attempt at gaining sympathy by whining about his family is laughable . Not surprised by such an immature attitude from a grown man still going by Robby . Hope the 49ers stay the course, either he kicks for them or spends the season watching the games on TV .

  30. I love how commentator John Fox rips the Bears kicking situation when coach John Fox cut Gould in the first place maybe when your trying to reshape the locker room you need to cut the union rep (*which Gould was)

  31. “Not after Pace got the better of him in the Trubisky trade”

    How did that happen? The 49ers wound up with two starters from the picks Chicago gave them(Dante Pettis and Fred Warner), all to move down one spot and take the same guy they were going to take in the first place.

  32. “Chicago sports radio is saying he pissed off the McCaskey family with some comments he made back in 2016 and the door is closed on him returning.”

    This is something they ought to drill into the heads of incoming players during the mandated rookie symposium. Do NOT badmouth the teams, GMs, and coaches as a player. This is a small industry and burning bridges is never a good idea since owners and GMs talk to each other about locker room cancers. You never know when you’ll need a job later in your career. See Owens, Terrell and Johnson, Chad/ Ochocinco.

  33. Chicago like they always do, made a bad decision and cut him, and that is why the Bears have had 1 winning season in the past 6 years.

  34. thenewguy12 says:
    June 26, 2019 at 11:07 am
    “Not after Pace got the better of him in the Trubisky trade”

    How did that happen? The 49ers wound up with two starters from the picks Chicago gave them(Dante Pettis and Fred Warner), all to move down one spot and take the same guy they were going to take in the first place.


    One team ended up with a franchise QB, the other ended up with a top 10 draft busts of the past decade. There are other fine details, but it’s really that simple.

  35. He has a sterling reputation in Chicago. He goes there, misses a few and he’s a bum.

  36. chris1cat says:

    June 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    Slap your team in the face much Robbie?
    What team would that be? He’s currently unsigned since he hasn’t signed his franchise tender so he has no team.

  37. People calling out Robbie for not sucking it up and gladly accepting the $4.9MM offer to play in SF are not listening. Nor are the people telling him he should retire.

    It’s not about the money. He has plenty. He wants to work in his hometown where his family lives. He doesn’t want to uproot them and move them to SF. He also still wants to play football. He knows the Bears need a kicker. He’s asking his agent to find a way to make it happen. There’s zero wrong with this. I think he’s going about his business openly and professionally.

  38. @chickensalad….

    The 49ers still could have picked Mahomes or Watson at #3 after that trade.

    The Bears got robbed in the trade because they gave up picks that they never needed to relinquish, and had to pay Trubisky a little more for the higher draft slot too.

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