Bill that would permit California college players to earn money advances despite NCAA’s threats

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The California legislature has yet to blink at the huff-and-puff bluff of NCAA president Mark Emmert.

The Los Angeles Times (via Sports Business Daily) reports that the so-called Fair Pay to Play Act has advanced from the California Assembly’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism & Internet Media Committee, despite threats from Emmert that California universities could be banned from competing for national championships if student-athletes are permitted to generate revenue from their names, images, and likenesses.

The bill prevents the NCAA from banning a school from competition if athletes receive compensation unrelated to payment from the university. The California Senate previously passed the bill; if the full Assembly follows suit and if Governor Gavin Newsom signs it into law, the Fair Pay to Play Act would become effective on January 1, 2023.

California is moving forward with the bill (which next goes to the Higher Education Committee) at a time when, via the Los Angeles Daily News, a bipartisan bill has emerged in the U.S. Congress that would allow college athletes to sign endorsement contracts. The NCAA, which has delayed for years any meaningful action on giving college athletes a chance to receive fair value for their skills, abilities, and sacrifices, quite possibly has waited too long — and quite possibly is in the process of losing control over the situation.

If so, good. The scam (fueled in part by an NFL rule that essentially forces football players to spend three years at the college level under the guise of protecting them from grown men) has lasted for far too long. The sooner it ends, the better.

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  1. I am pretty happy with the current structure of college vs nfl as is. No changes needed.

  2. I’m not in favor of paying players to play for X university. However, the NCAA/ university making money on my name and likeness, “show me the money”.

    If a jersey is sold with my last name on it, I should receive at least 50%.

  3. Prediction: The NCAA gets on board, or it collapses under the weight of teams quitting and forming their own group. They have no governmental authority. Their existence is totally dependent on obedience from schools who can tell them Sayonara.

  4. With all the problems California has, I can’t believe they are wasting time and money on this issue. I’d think this is near the bottom of the list of pressing issues in that state.

  5. No problem at all with the athletes receiving money for their likeness Etc, but you’re a cynical maroon if you actually believe an 18 year old boy is the same physically as a 21 year old man and the only reason the NFL tries to keep them from playing is to help out the colleges

  6. Yeah but you aren’t good enough to play D1 sports so your comfort level or opinion means nothing. Pay these kids!

  7. good – if the colleges start paying them, then they have to start paying for their own scholarships, etc.

  8. Look at the source…. California Legislators are a bunch of Wacko’s anyway! The only reason they want to do that is, they can TAX it

  9. Why is this different than any other business ? X business requires you to have y degree. It takes z amount of time to complete y degree. But in this business we need the government to dictate how, when, and why they should be paid?

    Other career options do exist… that also require internships( that don’t happen to also pay fully for your education).

  10. I hope the US congress bill passes. The NCAA has turned college sports into a runaway gravy train, on the backs of the athletes who receive nothing (except room, board, tuition and free snacks!) for their efforts. Really a minor percentage of the overall revenue they bring in to the universities. Let them profit from their success.

  11. These guys are generating millions upon millions for some of these universities –coaches are making millions off their backs. What’s the problem with being paid ?

  12. If they get paid, they should have to pay their college tuition, travel, food, & room & board…. like the rest of the students.

  13. How much a regular student earns on or off campus ends up affecting how much financial aid that student eventually receives. Will the NCAA turn around and limit how much a student athlete can earn in endorsements and still get a scholarship?

    After all, if the athlete is not on the field for a major college program then they will not have the publicity and fan base to make endorsements worthwhile for the companies. But should colleges give a free ride to athletes who make thousands or millions in endorsements for playing for the school?

    Also, what happens when an individual’s endorsement runs contrary to an NCAA endorsement?
    For example, does a player have to sit out because they have an endorsement to wear Adidas and the NCAA has an endorsement with Nike?

    Will an endorsing company dictate what school (market) a player can go to? Will a player sue because of lost endorsements when he gets benched by a coach?

    I can see this leading to a lot of court cases.

  14. Well. This is goint to be another bit of cost that is passed onto the fans. If you think the schools and ncaa is going to take the cost out of their end…you are nuts. Tax tax tax inflate inflate inflate…crazy to give away an education, charge 100 a ticket and the players get jack. Still, it will be the fan that pays. The rich get richer and the sheep foot the bill. Is what it is.

  15. Mark Emmert runs a crooked organization (NCAA) that should be disbanded by all participating Universities. They do not care about the student athlete at all.
    Certain Universities are above the rules. They are not needed anymore as they do not do what they are intended to do.

  16. California leads the way in eliminating so many things: Federal law, immigration laws, college atheletics, public housing shortages (allowing streets to be used), Medicare, value of American citizenry, etc.

  17. I don’t know how anyone could be against them signing endorsement deals. It takes zero money away from the NCAA or their school. In fact, the NCAA/schools will surely find a way to profit from a lot of those deals.

    And please, there is no way this will impact the whole “student athlete” garbage. You can be a student and make money. Most do.

  18. California is also the state that is going to provide free health care to undocumented immigrants at a time when the CA state pension fund is reportedly underwater to the tune of $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion).

    They know how to spend money – too well. They need to learn how to operate on a budget.

    ***Off my soap box now***

  19. gtodriver says:
    June 27, 2019 at 7:00 am
    California is also the state that is going to provide free health care to undocumented immigrants at a time when the CA state pension fund is reportedly underwater to the tune of $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion).

    They know how to spend money – too well. They need to learn how to operate on a budget.

    ***Off my soap box now***

    Tell that to Congress!

  20. This will completely change the locker room dynamics. Let’s say you have a QB with an endorsement deal of 500k. Teammates will pressure the QB to spread the wealth. If he doesn’t, say, send his lineman some cash, the line may very well send defenders his way. And let’s say the QB does want to spread the wealth, would this be an NCAA violation. If it’s ok for the qb to pay teammates, what is to prevent the qb from recruiting the best lineman and receivers in the country with the enticement of getting paid. Oh, and if it is not allowed, you can’t convince me it wouldn’t happen anyway. There will be very few QBs making top dollar. Schools that don’t have great QBs are already at a disadvantage. This would further the gap between the haves and have nots

  21. athletes who receive nothing (except room, board, tuition and free snacks!) for their efforts.
    Nothing except $50k of free college education each year

  22. Just as I’ve been saying for years, once a player accepts ANY money for their services they are no longer an amateur and aren’t eligible to play college sports! Now maybe Cali will let them get away with breaking the rules of amateur sports but the NCAA is doing the right thing by letting them know they will be banned from any post-season play.

    BTW are they going to go back and charge these athletes for tution, room & board, books and meals once they pay them? They should!

    Most people forget that this is an entered agreement between the school and these athletes. The school offers them tution, room & board, books and meals in return for them playing football and any money the school makes off of the football program is part of that deal/agreement that both parties already signed. The school “TOOK A CHANCE” on the athletes up front and this is part of the compensation they receive in return.

    So if a player turns out to be a dud can the schools then go back and demand that the player pay the school for those things because they didn’t live up to their end of the agreement?

  23. OH and BTW, the fans go to college football games because of the school, meaning it’s the school that draws the fans, the fans don’t care if Peyton is playing or some nobody they’re still going to the games! Don’t believe it go look at any college’s attendance and it doesn’t drop just because say the best QB or RB the schools ever had has left and went to the NFL. If it were true that the fans were going to see the players then when Barkley left Penn St attendance should have went down, but it DIDN’T!

  24. And there’s an easy way around this, just stop putting names on the backs of college jerseys! Then no one knows who’s jersey it is, it could be the player that currently wears it or anyone of dozens of players that wore that number before them!

  25. most of these players struggle financially
    The NCAA makes hundreds of millions of dollars of the backs of these kids
    Better financial security, better health coverage nd guaranteed protection against injury should be a no brainer
    But greed, always gets in the way

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