Doug Williams likes what he sees from Dwayne Haskins


Washington Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams says Dwayne Haskins looked during offseason work like he could be capable of winning the starting job by Week One.

Williams told Steve Wyche of NFL Network that Haskins, the first-round quarterback out of Ohio State, has a legitimate chance to earn the starting job.

“He might end up starting, that could happen,” Williams said. “I don’t want to say he’s going to start Game One today, but it’s been enjoyable to see what Dwayne Haskins has done.”

Williams said Haskins’ performance over the last couple months opened some eyes in Washington.

“It’s been a great offseason,” Williams said. “To be on the sideline during OTAs and minicamp and see the young guy do what he’s done and take command of the opportunities he’s had.”

Haskins is competing with Case Keenum and Colt McCoy to start when Washington opens the season at Philadelphia on September 8.

22 responses to “Doug Williams likes what he sees from Dwayne Haskins

  1. I read several reports last week that Haskins was going to spend the entire summer at the Redskins complex studying. Has he returned from his 2 week European vacation yet and begun his studies ? Or is he working on his new entertainment company he’s formed with his dad ?

  2. Lord knows the Washington team could use some good luck with the current streak that they are on. I just don’t buy any hype until I see it in preseason games when the bullets start flying. If Haskins even looks decent in those games, the team should keep one of the vets as a back up and give the kid the keys.

  3. Let him start week 1: Eagles, Cowboys, Bears oh my! Giant win in week 4, but Pats, Fins, 49ers, and Vikes. Nothing I like more than seeing a division rival trot out a QB only to be deer in headlights.

    Wise move is sit him, bring him in here and there during the season. Once out of it, start him which would be week 5. One year in college, he will not be ready.

  4. In related but surprising news, the general managers and personnel staff of 31 other teams also are reporting that they like what the see with their first round draft pics so far.

  5. If you followed the detailed minicamp notes by bewt writers Keenum looked sharp and was hitting all receivers with great accuracy.
    Haskins had some decent streaks but lapses in judgement. Pretty much what you would expect from a rookie.
    Unless something changes dramatically during training camp and pre-season Keenum started the season. If he wins, they stick with him.
    If he falters or is inconsistent they will go with McCoy if healthy and Haskins if not.

  6. Makes a lot of sense to wait and develop him the first several weeks, but the DC fanbase is so hungry for a quarterback like this it’s going to be really hard to stay committed to that idea. Doug Williams is basically saying if it were up to him he’d start him now.

  7. “We’ve seen how great Mahomes did after sitting a year and how Mayfield did just by sitting a few games last year. So we’re almost definitely going to throw our guy into the fire on day one. And I’m telling you this before he really even has a significant amount of practice with professional football yet alone simulated game conditions.”

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    Jim Edelman says:
    June 26, 2019 at 8:20 am
    I read several reports last week that Haskins was going to spend the entire summer at the Redskins complex studying. Has he returned from his 2 week European vacation yet and begun his studies ? Or is he working on his new entertainment company he’s formed with his dad ?
    Just a hunch, but the Redskins’ personnel probably told him to stay away from the facility for a little bit, and he has an Ipad. Furthermore, I’m glad he understands his potential as a brand and not just as an entity who could be chewed up and spit out by an organization. It’s just better to use these opportunities to also springboard your next career. Guys don’t have a plan after football and that’s how they end up broke. Shelf life in this profession is too short to have to be tactless.

  9. He is a smart kid and will learn fast. The knock on him thus far is you dont know what passer shows up day to day. The one with the accurate arm or the one without.

  10. The goal shouldn’t be to start him week one, it should be to not start him before hes completely ready. Remember, Haskins only started one season of college football. Let him develop for long term success.

  11. Obviously if he wins the job straight up he should start, but it’s probably in the team’s best interest (and Jay’s future) to sit him for at least the first 5 games. If Case struggles, it will be an easier sell to bench him and put in the rookie than it would be to watch the young gun struggle for a full season and result in Jay getting canned. Either way, I don’t see this offense throwing the ball munch unless they have to. Run the ball and play great defense is their only chance at any success in the crowded NFC.

  12. This guy does have the makeup to be special. He posses three critical qualities— intelligence, elite arm talent, and a commitment to succeed. It speaks volume that without any meaningful prior experience in just his first year as a starter, he shattered 28 passing record. That said, it would be a mistake to throw something so precious to the wolves at the start of his career. The Redskins first six games are brutual. Let Dwayne watch and learn and play when he is ready.

  13. They are absolute idiots to let this guy start week one. He played one year of college football as a starter. He’s going to come from that and start against the Philadelphia eagles defense week one? He’s going to face the Dallas Cowboys? Are you kidding me? Let Keenum start. Haskins should probably sit a full year.

  14. djrando7 says:
    June 26, 2019 at 11:30 am

    RG 3.0???
    dude, lots of things could happen. he could be great, he could be good, he might not work out. but no matter what happens he isn’t RG3 and comparisons at any level are absurd.

  15. He’s the real deal. May not start first game, but he will start t ghis year. And be successful. He’s a leader.

  16. Doesn’t matter who starts – they have a tough schedule to start the year, 1-4 if they beat the Giants, 0-5 if they don’t. With his limited college exerience I would not throw him to the wolves day 1.

  17. Lets not forget that division games go hard! I can see them upsetting Philly with that defense the Redskins have!

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