Repicking the 2012 draft

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With a pair of quarterbacks drafted in 2012 (Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson) landing at No. 4 and No. 3 on the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown, Wednesday’s PFT Live draft featured a question based on that specific class of players.

Simms and I redrafted the first eight players from the 2012 draft.

We took the first eight teams in the order they picked, and picked the players they would have (should have) picked if they knew then what we all know now.

I know this: The Colts couldn’t have gone wrong, and Washington would have gotten plenty more bang for the draft picks they sent to the Rams.

Check it out below, feel free to agree or disagree (my preference is agree), and to give us your own picks on how the top eight picks would (should) go if they were made in 2012 based on the information available in 2019.

17 responses to “Repicking the 2012 draft

  1. I would reevaluate the trades made too. Don’t know if Wash trades three firsts for a QB again. Even if they do, I don’t think the Rams trade out of 6 if Bobby Wagner is there.

  2. The first 2 are no-brainers (I’d swap the order though)
    Cox is an absolute beast to Cleveland at 3.
    The 2017 Jags(4th) or the 2017 Vikes(5th) win if Foles is theirs and not on Philly’s.
    You can’t go wrong with Kuechly to the other team and Wagner next (or swap them)
    I’d finish off with Jones and Gilmore in either order.

  3. The problem with these shoulda/woulda games is the butterfly effect. (Look it up) You cant isolate single decisions like that, you have to factor everything if you want to rewrite history.

  4. Wilson absolutely the right choice at #1-
    Except, if he isn’t. The premise is that the Colts would have been the Seahawks with a superlative Legion of Boom defense and a top-tier running game leading to two Super Bowls with one win. So it’s 2012 and all drafting teams can factor in crystal ball information. Do the Colts try to create the roster that Wilson has had or do they continue with the model they had with Peyton Manning? Do they choose the player who’s nearly a year younger, and who’s 6’4, 234 pounds or do they take the qb who’s 5’10 5/8, 203 pounds? Do they take Wilson because his 4.55 40 yds is faster than Luck’s 4.67, and his 20 yd shuttle is faster, or do they take Luck because his vertical jump is 2″ higher, his 60 yd shuttle is .17 faster, and his broad jump is half a foot further? I’m no General Manager, but I’m selecting Andrew Luck with the first pick of the 2012 draft 32 out of 32 times.

  5. Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner were the steals of that draft based on production and where they were drafted. Luck and Kuechly have been just as good and you could flip a coin on Luck or Wilson and Kuechly and Wagner as far as production and play on the field, but both Luck and Kuechly have had injury concerns while Wilson and Wagner have been far superior in that aspect. The only pick that I would have changed if I was the Seahawks is their first rounder Bruce Irvin for Chandler Jones or Melvin Ingram. Irvin was good but as a first rounder I don’t think the production was quite there. 2012 was loaded with Superstars all throughout that draft. Also some major busts…Justin Blackmon…ouch

  6. Not that it matters now since we have mahomes, but In hindsight, i bet the chiefs would have taken Russell Wilson, instead of the o lineman they drafted 1 pick ahead of Wilson.

  7. If the Cowboys had stayed put at 14th they would not have been able to draft Morris Claiborne, and that would have been a great thing. I am ultimately ok with the pick because it forced Jerry to step back from the draft process and allow his scouts and player personnel teams to take over. Clearly evident in 2013, when ‘boys moved back to 31 from 19 (picking up a 3rd) and taking Travis Fredrick.

  8. After Luck, the top of that draft was just awful. The funny thing is, some of those picks looked great in their rookie year. RGIII had a great rookie season until the very end when he got hurt. Richardson had 950 yards and 11 TDs. Kalil was a stabilizing force at left tackle and a huge part of Adrian Peterson’s MVP season.

    Usually we say you can’t judge a draft for three years because you don’t know how good someone will turn out to be. In this case, we didn’t know how bad these guys would turn out to be.

  9. I would have thought Harrison Smith would have snuck into that top 8 somewhere. He has four Pro Bowls and was first team All-Pro in 2017. Melvin Ingram has two Pro Bowls and no All-Pros. Good player, but Smith has a chance to be in the HOF.

  10. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    June 27, 2019 at 6:36 am
    Ryan Turnoverhill should have been the #1 pick his apologist still claim!


    Let it go. He’s a Titan now.

  11. Wilson, Luck, Foles, and Cousins would all enter the top 8. Cause the QBs always go in top. Miami would be sitting with Cousins.

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