Tyreek Hill meets with the NFL today

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The NFL’s investigation of Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill continues, with the NFL finally speaking directly to Hill.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hill currently is meeting in Kansas City with NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel as part of the league’s review of multiple potential violations of the Personal Conduct Policy by Hill. Jennifer Gaffney, who works with Friel, also is present.

Despite a report that multiple interviews of Hill will occur, the expectation is that only one interview will happen in Kansas City. If/when the NFL determines that Hill should be punished, Hill would travel to New York to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

As the source explained it, issues currently on the table include the recorded comments made by Hill to Crystal Espinal (“you need to be terrified of me too, bitch”), discipline of Hill’s three-year-old son that may have crossed the line, and the circumstances that resulted in the child being removed from the custody of Hill and Espinal.

After the audio of Hill’s comments emerged, the Chiefs and Hill agreed that he would stop attending offseason workouts. Training camp opens on July 23; while Hill possibly will be present, a suspension could become effective after the preseason ends. Last year, the NFL suspended Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith four games for threatening and engaging in emotional abuse of the mother of his child, without any type of physical violence.

Hovering over the entire situation is Hill’s history of violence against Espinal. He previously pleaded guilty to choking and beating her while she was pregnant. Hill has never been disciplined by the league for that incident (it happened before he was drafted), but the Personal Conduct Policy allows pre-NFL misbehavior to be used as an aggravating factor when establishing punishment for misconduct that happens after the player joins an NFL team.

With three different possible violations and the aggravating circumstances arising from his past behavior, Hill could still be facing a lengthy suspension.

25 responses to “Tyreek Hill meets with the NFL today

  1. I have no confidence in the reliability and consistency in the NFL discipline process. The name Lisa Friel does not elicit any additional confidence but just makes the process even more cringe-worthy. Hill should already be on the exempt list and awaiting a suspension, the fact that the NFL is dragging their feet on this, does make me suspicious.

  2. Anything less than a year suspension is a crime…mainly because I don’t have him on my team in my keeper fantasy league.

  3. It will be just a slap on the wrist, and don’t do it again… The NFL doesn’t truly care about the problems in society that they could champion and say it doesn’t have a place in their league, instead they care about having their stars on the field. Football is more exciting with Hill on the field. That is what they truly care about.

  4. Whatever suspension he gets is a mute point. It’s the fan backlash that K.C. should worry about…boycotts and protests. Cut your loss and move on. Any team signing him is risky and stupid.

  5. 4 games is the precident. It seems like posters here have missed the fact that it appears he did not injure the child and was being set up by a woman that he has a chaotic past with. He’s 25 years old, rich and famous. The guy needs to grow up and start learning to be a man but I don’t see how taking away his passion in life is good for him. Suspend him 4 games for his immature, stupid interaction with a woman he needs to learn to avoid. These players should be forced to continue to work with the team during their suspsensions and then do community service on game day.

  6. “4 games is the precident.”

    Actually 6 is supposed be the standard suspension for first time domestic violence offenders.

  7. After choking and punching the pregnant mother of his son in the stomach Tyreek should have been put on a zero tolerance mandate upon being drafted.

  8. While I have not a shred of evidence to show that the NFL investigators will be anything but thorough, fair and ethical, it is notable that the two, Lisa Friel and Jennifer Gaffney, are both women.

  9. Either he broke his kids arm, or he is covering up for his wife that did it. Either way, not good, and much worse yet is they have twins on the way. Poor kids….

  10. Does anyone here believe the NFL will be fair and impartial? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to lease to you.

  11. mjimmym says:
    June 26, 2019 at 2:21 pm
    Either he broke his kids arm, or he is covering up for his wife that did it.
    Actually neither. Medical examination determined that the boy’s injury was consistent with reaching out to brace while falling. Investigators agreed and cleared both Hill and Espinal on that back in March.

  12. So Tyreek Hill is meeting with the CBS pregame show? I wonder what he is going to say to Chris Simms Dad?

  13. Do you guys realize how much money it can mean to the NFL if some team other than the Patriots can be viable to win the AFC? Really, lets not lose sight of the big picture here. The Chiefs are currently the best chance to do that so the league cant be suspending their best players. They already had no choice but to suspend one of them and that was tough enough, but the team cant absorb it if they lose a second one.

  14. mjimmym says:
    June 26, 2019 at 2:21 pm
    Either he broke his kids arm, or he is covering up for his wife that did it. Either way, not good, and much worse yet is they have twins on the way. Poor kids….

    They were able to establish that the broken arm was not the result of child abuse so that can be dropped from the picture here. The problem is that there has been a long standing pattern of domestic incidents and trips to the ER that add up to any reasonable person knowing that there is a problem going on. The NFLs problem is not to punish him for this (nor should they, thats the court’s job) but rather how to cover themselves. Even though its not their job to handle domestic abuse cases they would be subjected to a lot of backlash if there happened to be a less ambiguous episode down the road. So they need to weigh that risk. And his history is such that this is a very risky gamble. I am sure the 8 hours was not just a ‘did you do it’, that takes all of 5 minutes. They spent the day discussing how to make sure this all stops now, not an easy thing to do when its about a person controlling their impulses. I know a lot of us (Ill admit to being one) would like to see him punished for his behavior but really the happiest ending would be if the NFL used their power over him to force him/his family to get some help in a way that makes things better for that kid. If that came to pass I could totally live with him not getting punished.

  15. When did you guys become judge and jury? No evidence and anyone can say lots of things on tape. What he said was distasteful, but not a crime. Just because he’s a bad guy doesn’t mean he should be suspended.

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