Washington quarterback decision will be a collaboration

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Washington senior V.P. of player personnel Doug Williams likes what he’s seen from rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins. But it won’t be Williams who decides when and if Haskins will start. The decision apparently won’t be made by any one person.

“[A]t the end of the day, it’s going to be on [coach] Jay [Gruden], myself, probably [team president] Bruce [Allen] and the owner, after what [Haskins] does during the preseason and see where we are as a team to make that decision,” Williams recently told Steve Wyche of NFL Network.

Yes, the owner, Dan Snyder, will be involved in the decision. Which could make the decision less about winning now (which Gruden would likely prefer) and more about developing Haskins.

Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann has cautioned against throwing Haskins into the fray given the difficulty of the team’s early-season schedule. The other view would be this: It’s sink or swim now, or it’s sink or swim later. At some point, every NFL quarterback has to show that he can succeed.

Besides, why not face teams with tougher defenses before all defenses have enough film to figure out a new quarterback’s tendencies, tells, strengths, and weaknesses? It’s arguably better to confront those teams before they can properly break Haskins down.

Bottom line — if Haskins is a keeper, he’ll likely keep his wits about him while facing good teams as a rookie. If he can’t, then maybe he’s not the answer. If he’s not the answer, it’s better to know that soon then later.

11 responses to “Washington quarterback decision will be a collaboration

  1. Daniel Snyder seems incapable of learning from his past mistakes; no one will oppose him so Haskins will become the starting QB just as RGIII was made the savior of the franchise effectively disemboweling the coaching staff (and virtually destroying RGIII’s career). Hopefully Haskins’ future will be different, but it seems Washington is exercising the same strategy that failed – and seems to expect a different outcome – the definition of insanity, but hey! This is Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen!

  2. It’s worth noting that Haskins was a one year starter in college. He might need a little bit more time to develop before being thrown to the wolves. His career as a whole is way more important than playing week one.

  3. Let him develop this year… use the Mahomes model. Nah it’s Washingron, the kids confidence will be shook by midseason and destroyed by game 16.

  4. I fail to grasp how a one year wonder with 14 games of experience as a starter is even being considered to start this season. This guy is a fraud. Mark my words. He won’t be as good as the Great Gimmick – the 12 win and 21 loss fraud as a starter in Washington.

  5. The Redskins have their future QB, he should start from day one. QB play is not that same as it was 20 years ago.

  6. Too many cooks in that kitchen. Guess if Snyder is one of them it doesn’t really matter though they’re screwed.

  7. Let him start… he’s a first round pick. He’ll be better than anyone else they have now Alex Smith is done.

  8. The dysfunction isn’t in the possibility of letting an untested and unproven rookie start. The dysfunction is in the decision not belonging to the head coach and head coach alone.

  9. The marketing people (Allen, Snyder) want/need Haskins on the field day 1…..and their votes count more than Jay Gruden’s vote, so that’s what is going to happen right, wrong, or indifferent

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