Adam Gase wants Quincy Enunwa saving himself for the next play

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The Jets made the decision to give wide receiver Quincy Enunwa a four-year contract extension last December despite the fact that he missed five games last year and the entire 2017 season because of injuries.

The team has since changed head coaches and General Managers, so the new regime may have come to a different conclusion when it came to a deal with Enunwa. They have him on hand for now, though, and head coach Adam Gase said that he wants the wideout to take some precautions that will help him remain on the field.

“It’s a fine line with him,” Gase said, via the New York Daily News. “He is a physical player. He’s a big man. When he gets to the secondary, he’s a tough guy to bring down. We were on opposite teams last year and he carried about 12 guys on his back for about 10 yards. At some point, you’d like him to go down. When you know it’s getting too many, just going down and saving yourself for the next play because we’re going to need him.”

Enunwa averaged 7.5 yards after the catch last season, so that change would affect a productive part of his game but he said he could “see plays where a lot of times it’s a lot smarter to get down” when watching film. The team has also talked about expanding Enunwa’s route tree from what he ran last season, so there may be more than one way to keep him on the field in 2019.

7 responses to “Adam Gase wants Quincy Enunwa saving himself for the next play

  1. I remember the Cowboys giving Dez Bryant this very same advice in the latter half of his career (coincidentally when he was also paid). Enunwa is nowhere near the player that Dez was but they are built the same. I just don’t think that is the best way to stay off of the trainers table. You have to play your game and continue grinding. Taking the foot off of the gas and getting away from their game is how a lot of these guys get injured on the field.

  2. Gase will do this with every player, if they have a toe nail cut too short Gase will have him rest for 2 games. This guy thinks he is a genius when all he did get a reputation from having Manning as his QB. Jets fans will see exactly what I am talking about about halfway point this upcoming season..he is a fraud

  3. Besides preventing injury, going down after gaining the yards needed can also reduce the chances of a turnover. It’s when a player has defenders standing him up and hanging on to him that he’s most susceptible to getting the ball punched out.

  4. Walter Payton never purposely went down or ran out of bounds in his entire career and I saw every play he ever ran. No wonder why Jim Brown said he respected Payton more than any other player

  5. When the Cardinals were looking at Adam Gase as a head coach, I gave serious pause as to whether I could continue to root for that team knowing how frustrating he was in Miami where he routinely refused to start the best players.

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