The Simms No. 2 quarterback: Patrick Mahomes

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The Chris Simms quarterback countdown ended with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at No. 1. He barely edged out Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who landed in No. 2.

Many will disagree. (I definitely do.) Simms admitted that it was close call. By next year, maybe it won’t be.

Much depends on whether Mahomes can do in 2019 what he did in 2018. Defensive coordinators will have had a full offseason to probe for weaknesses in his game, and to come up with ways to steer Mahomes away from the things he does best. Some think that the process will be simple — back off and force Mahomes to be patient, resisting big throws and taking what he’s given.

That still may not be enough. Mahomes’ mobility, his arm strength, his accuracy, his ability to throw from awkward body angles and any arm position, and his effortless, on-the-move release may overcome whatever any defense is able to plan for.

Regardless, he’s the reigning MVP and his first full season as a starter became one of the very best seasons any quarterback has ever had. The bar is high for 2019, even if it wasn’t high enough to put him at No. 1 on Simms’ countdown.

22 responses to “The Simms No. 2 quarterback: Patrick Mahomes

  1. Aaron is so much better than Mahomes it’s not even funny. Aaron wipes the floor with all the other QBs. Simms is right. We love Aaron in Wisconsin. We’re gonna win the Super Bowl!

  2. Problem is that Simms isn’t qualified to bring these guys Gatorade much less grade them…

  3. Mahomes had a amazing season that is a fact. but lets pump the brakes a little bit here, The guy took over a already elite offense on a playoff team. its not like he has had to battle through ups and downs of a team rebuilding. yeah he had a amazing season, but lets let him put a few more of those seasons together before we start crowning him?

  4. Way to soon on Mahomes. He hasn’t won anything yet. Looks the part yes but he has had a ton of talent around him.

  5. Gotta love packer’s fans, keep being you. You’ll be lucky to even get a wildcard spot let alone a superbowl victory this season and deep down inside you know it. Rogers is a great QB, but his lack of leadership, his silly contract that reinforces his dbag personality, his throwing of his teammates under the bus to deflect blame on everyone but him, his attitude, him being a glass QB, ect ect ect. He may be great, but all his negatives hurts the team more than his QB greatness helps. So, keep paying him and putting him on a football god pedestal. All the other good possible superbowl teams will be fighting for a championship while Roger’s will be fighting his coach (ownership told him directly to not be the problem in public)…deny it all you want cheese heads. Chiefs, Pats, Saints, Rams, Chargers, Bears, Eagles, Browns, Jets, Steelers, ect ect ect are all leaps and bounds ahead of Green Bay…the truth hurts.

  6. thewizardsrevenge says:
    June 27, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    I’m not sure Simms should be doing any more lists.

    Yes. It may be a fun offseason exercise but it really is meaningless. But if he’s having fun with it, whatever.

  7. I dunno. I watched Mahomes convert a 3rd down late in the 4th quarter, on the run, and trailing in points…

    …with his LEFT hand.

    Good luck figuring out a way to defend against THAT, other 31 teams!

  8. Just based on the last couple of years, I’m not sure if Rodgers makes the top five of my list. Not that he sucks or anything, but shouldn’t we be basing this on recent performance and overall potential? Rodgers is a great QB, but one coming off of major injury concerns, with a new coaching staff, and on a team that might be more defensive oriented.

  9. I think that Mahomes is ranked too high because of sample size – that 3 full seasons provide a lot more information. Of course, if his 2019 is close to last season, maybe the sample size will be fine!

  10. I’m curious to see Mahomes without Hill when he’s suspended. KC wasnt as good once Hunt was gone, eliminate Hill as well and Mahomes may struggle.

  11. Mahomes is the best on the whole if you look at skills combined with coachability and any other aspect of what it takes to win such as mental and leadership aspects. In my view Brady would be top if he had that arm and other skills but he doesnt. Brees would be next then Wilson then Luck then Rivers then Rodgers then Roethlisberger then Watson. My Homeboy (yes I am from KC) is the best right now. Go Chiefs!!!

    Obviously the bigger thing is we are blessed to have many great QB’s to watch in the NFL.

  12. I would rank pre-2017 Rodgers as #1, without a doubt. But, the quality of his play declined noticeably, after being injured by Barr in 2017. Packers fans better hope that that was caused by Rodgers’ injuries in 2017 and 2018, because the Packers are a 6-10 team if Rodgers can no longer play at an elite level.

  13. Last season… KC’s offense was LOADED… I’M SAYING… LOADED!!!

    Mahones is good… but… they are hyping him up
    to market him as “the future face of the nfl”.

  14. Mahomes at #2 after just one season, some people are very easily impressed!

    BTW Mahomes season was an anomaly, it won’t be the norm!

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