Bets come in on Mitch Trubisky for MVP

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If you wanted to place a long shot wager on Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky winning the league MVP award this season, you’re a couple days late.

MVP odds were released this week at the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas, and Trubisky opened at 200-1. As noted by Will Brinson, within two days, enough bets had been made on Trubisky that his MVP odds had moved to 50-1.

It’s easy to see why Trubisky would be an attractive bet: The MVP is almost always a quarterback on a good team. If the Bears take another step forward after last year’s 12-4 season, and if Trubisky improves as much in Year 3 as he did in Year 2, he’d have a chance.

No one thinks Trubisky is the MVP favorite, but at 200-1, he was a good bet. Which is why you can’t get those odds anymore.

15 responses to “Bets come in on Mitch Trubisky for MVP

  1. The Bears had a bad offseason and will regress. The defense will take a step back after losing Vic Fangio.

  2. If he play like he did the second half of last year, the Bears will looking for a new QB.

  3. Sorry but there is no chance Trubisky will be the MVP this year. MVP is a stats driven award and Mitch just doesn’t produce those eye popping stats. Not saying the kid or the Bears won’t be good again this year as I believe they will be a playoff team again just can’t c his stats making that huge of a leap from the doe of the road stats he’s put up so far in his career. If the Bears end up being the best team in the league next year Then I could c someone on their defense like Mack winning the award but not Mitch no matter his odds.

  4. Oh my God, this is more of the nonsense surrounding this team, if any one wants to bet Trubinsky will be the MVP, I will cover those bets…..A) He sucks and B) he Bears will be an epic fail this year….

  5. That’s a great bet at 200-1. Awards are based a lot on how the media covers the teams, and also prime time national TV exposure. Chicago’s defense is going to get a lot of credit for what the Bears do. Voters consider stats too, but with a dominant defense, Trubisky probably won’t be gunning the ball down field for 60 minutes like some QB’s will have to do. I hate when they lower the odds from 200 to 50. I guess they’re scared.

  6. Trubisky has yet to show he’s capable of being more then a game manager . He missed plenty of chances to make plays by being either indecisive or making a poor throw . The Bears are going to need more from him if they hope to repeat last years success .

  7. My guess is that the delusional Bear fans jumped all over the 200-1 odds and as the money flowed in, the Sports books sought refuge by revising the odds to 50-1.

    No sensible football fan with a working set of eyeballs would bet on Mitch Truisky for MVP on the Bears much less the National Football League MVP.

  8. superfanentertainment says:
    June 28, 2019 at 7:26 am
    Kid works his tail off. He just might do it.

    As does just about everyone in the league.

    Trusbisky isn’t even in the top 15 at his own position.

    These people are throwing their $ away.

  9. I love placing bets on long odds. If John Mellencamp ever wins an Oscar, I’m going to be a rich man.

  10. The Bears must be doing something right, they have lots of naysayers and haters, so their odds are improving. But Mitch the MVP, 500 to 1 is more like it … his improvement would need to be EPIC for this to occur. Heck, I’d be happy with some improvement over last year. Baby steps folks.

  11. Lots of comments from people who don’t watch every Bears game.

    The Bears offense is loaded with weapons. Will Trubisky get a lot better in his second year in the offense and make full use of those weapons? I dunno – I think he will improve significantly, but how much is the question. If you like the idea at all, 200-1 odds are pretty favorable for a long shot. There’s much worse QBs with less good odds.

  12. Before you hate, remember we have one playoff win in 62 YEARS and 0-16 season in the books... says:

    Dear, Vikings4Life friedbokchoy same person Lions fan

    You mean when he swept our Lions last year and was injured one of the games and Chase Daniels even came in and destroyed our defense?

    11/11 Lions @ Bears

    Trubisky 23/30 355yds 3 TD 0 INT

    11/22 Bears @ Lions

    Chase Daniel 27/37 230yds 2 TD 0 INT

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