Robert Griffin III: Ravens offense will “shock some people”

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Lamar Jackson‘s ascension to the starting quarterback job led the Ravens to remake their offense this offseason, but Jackson isn’t the only player who has been learning how to run it.

Robert Griffin III re-signed with the Ravens to serve as Jackson’s backup and the process of familiarizing himself with the offense began shortly after he agreed to a deal. Griffin sat for a meeting with offensive coordinator Greg Roman and quarterbacks coach James Urban to begin a process that has continued over the last few months.

Griffin said the “game is about mismatches” and that the Ravens are hoping to create those with a unit that can make plays on the ground or through the air.

“I’ve got to make sure I understand the offense, forward and backward,” Griffin said, via the team’s website. “The offense will look different. I think we’ll shock some people with what we’re going to do. If we need to run it 60 times, we can do it. But if we need to throw it 30 to 40 times, we can also do it. I think that’s what we’re working on, to make sure we have those capabilities.”

If called upon, Griffin said he’s “a better quarterback than I’ve ever been” although the Ravens won’t be putting that to the test unless something goes very wrong for Jackson.

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  1. The only shocking thing about that offence is it’s an offence. No one, and I mean no one, is worried about that offence. The Ravens can talk it up all the want. No one is fooled. It’s the #1 or #2 defence (depending on points or yards) that concerns people.

  2. RG3 better know the playback very well.

    He will probably be starting by week 4 at the very latest.

    The Ravens are basically going to try to do what the Broncos did in 2011 with Tebow. Problem being Tebow is/was built like a fullback. Lamar Jackson is built like a slot receiver. Either way, if they get down by 10 points the game will essentially be over.

  3. Until Lamar Jackson learns how to function as a pocket passer and not just a “running back with an arm”, the Ravens offense will be shockingly *bad*.

  4. I agree with Robert Griffin it will be shocking to people when they see the Cornerbacks all come and line up next to the defensive linemen all daring Lamar to throw it.

  5. Does he mean shockingly bad? Without his running ability, Jackson can’t get it done. How does it always turn out for running QBs who can’t read defenses? Injuries and ineffectiveness… RG ME should tell that to Jackson.

  6. I am counting on it. that is why i bet heavy on the UNDER for wins this season… i expect it to be shockingly bad.

  7. It’s funny how people forget history. Lamar comes in last year and runs an unthinkable amount in his first game – a win. Every armchair coach/GM said it was a fluke and eventually he’ll get injured. They continued to say it win after win. The Ravens even went into KC and almost beat the red-hot Chiefs. It took a monster game from Mahomes (no look pass) to secure the win.
    Of course none of this guarantees what’s going to happen this year but you’d think that all the bleating sheep would sit back and watch the games instead of pretending to be Nostradamus.

  8. I’m not a fan of the offense the Ravens are putting out on the field. But they were definitely smart to keep RGIII as the back-up. He looked pretty good last year in preseason and we know he has the makeup to run that offense.

  9. bullcharger says:
    June 28, 2019 at 2:37 pm
    Just do it. No need to talk about it.
    ——————————————————————————————–If he didn’t he’d get fined.

  10. Look at all these scared non-Ravens fans leaving their hate in the comments. Let’s me know the Ravens are doing something right. #BAFRAID #STAYAFRAID #MYTEAMSBETTERTHANURS

  11. I’m really glad I’m not a Ravens fan. We Raiders fans went through this nightmare scenario to a lesser extent with Terrell Pryor, and I think he was actually a better passer than Jackson is.

    Ever since that experience, I just can’t stand running QBs. Every one is a disaster waiting to happen – or mediocrity at best, if you’re lucky.

  12. RG three-and-out says what?

    If Mark Ingram can carry the ball 45 times per game for 16 games, and the defense plays Ravens lockdown football, they may be able to win utilizing Justin Tucker’s leg. If not, buh bye.

  13. People will be shocked that the Ravens employ not 1, but 2 QBs who can’t pass at an NFL level in a passing league.

    Good luck running the Tebow offense. It worked until Belichick thought “why don’t we play off-man coverage and force him to throw to covered receivers”. That set the blueprint to beat Tebow. The only team who didn’t follow that advice? Pittsburgh and they paid dearly for it.

  14. Game if mismatches. Opposition has corners and safeties and ravens have no one that can throw a ball.

  15. carloswlassiter says:
    June 28, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    I was shocked by how inept they look against a Charger team in the playoffs that the Patriots shredded like butter 7 days later.
    This made me think of Colts 13 Chiefs 31. I bet nobody’s doubting Luck 19-36 (53%) 203 yards 1 TD. In comparison Chargers 23 Ravens 17. Jackson 14-29 (48%) 2TD 1 INT

    Considering that one of them was a rookie….I’m shocked by your shocked take.

  16. And RG3 is how much of a genius when it comes to offense? Look down filed and run is what he knows best.

  17. Most certainly will. Not often you have a Qb rush for more yards in a season than he passes for. This team will make Lamar look good just like Bama makes its QB’s look good. By covering up the fact the they can’t pass from the pocket and throw accurately. And before some goober points out Lamar did not play at Bama I know that. It is a comparison based on what the Ravens will be doing this year.

  18. I actually feel for RG III. The Shanahan’s cost him a ton of money at the expense of his health to try to win playoff games. He should have NEVER been out there on that field. He was like a wounded animal trying to move his team and he paid the ULTIMATE price. His mobility…. while has was injured and not mobile? That was just pure wrong. He was a GREAT players and may well be known as a journeyman because of that decision. What a shame. Used him. He got blown up, and then you rush him back out there like it’s life or death. He got totally hosed. Yea.. tell me he wanted to go back in… he’s a rookie. NOBODY took charge. I think the conversation about “blacks can’t play QB” is over. Doug Willams slammed that door on the way out while opening another.

  19. The path back to the playoffs is aTop 5 rushing offense, a Top 5 defense, and fewer than 25 passes a game from what I believe will be an improved Lamar Jackson. Robert Griffin should keep his eyes on the qb who’s returning punts and will maybe be learning the slot and putting in time at safety. Trace McSorley could push him back to his role since 2015 – QBIII!

  20. dirtdawg53 says:
    June 28, 2019 at 2:30 pm
    The only shocking thing about that offence is it’s an offence
    Offense* It’s American football genius, leave your pompous British spelling alone.

  21. As long as it doesn’t shock them in the same way the Orioles are shocking us. They were expected to be bad, but goodness… this is even worse than imagined. Sure hope Ravens offense isn’t the same kind of shock value.

  22. Shock as in how one dimensional it is ?
    The quarterback is a slash quarterback at best , you’ll never get over the hump with him . You’ll be starting over in 2022

  23. I remember he said something similar when he was our starter a few years back…. And we won 1 game.

  24. browns should’ve swept these sorry ass ravens last year, if not for those meddling refs as always.

  25. carloswlassiter says:
    June 28, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    I was shocked by how inept they look against a Charger team in the playoffs that the Patriots shredded like butter 7 days later.


    one simple adjustment by the chargers to the qb run threat and the ravens were toast. nobody is worried about them passing the ball. nobody. jackson doesnt have touch on long throws or accurate velocity that gets through tight windows. the ravens wont be able to compete with the weapons the steelers and browns can match up against them with. plus they lost a huge piece of their defense’s ability to disguise between pass and run coverage when their lb left. i just dont see their d being as dominant as it was last season, which cuts down on lamar’s freedom to learn and grow and make mistakes and allowing the d to bail them out. the same mistakes he made last season will definitely cause them wins this season.

  26. Obviously, the jury on Lanar is still out. But RG Iii has made strides the last two years. I know I will get a lot of thumbs down, but Ravens will be just fine at QB.

  27. Can’t get enough Stooler fans hatin” on the Black Birds more than glorifying their own team.
    Keep on Hatin’!

  28. Every so often a team thinks they reinvented the gimmick offense. Teams have seen it enough lately where no one will be fooled. It’s been a few years, but teams remember how to stop it.

    The Ravens have had good defenses for a long time now. It was the same in San Francisco when the quarterback ran a lot and the defense scored and got extra possessions for the offense. Once the defense went to average, the quarterback looked horrible. Same will happen in Baltimore if they don’t play great defense. Quarterbacks in those systems get far too much credit. No one is bragging up how great Trent Dilfer was, and he has a ring.

  29. This is a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.

  30. Sorry Ravens 30 year of watching the NFL, I’ve never seen a poor throwing QB coached up to being a thrower. Ravens offense is a defensive coordinator’s dream. ‘Pass it..we dare you.’

  31. The Ravens will be fine. It’s the AFCN Title (repeat) or at worst, the 1st WC team. Either way we’ll see you haters in the playoffs.

  32. He’s right, I’ll be shocked when they average more than 100 total yards of offense each game.

  33. Still hate the Ravens nay Original Browns for leaving Cleveland. I think they will be one of the more fun teams to watch this year though, win or lose. Lots of close games and a division nobody else can run away with.

    What’s boring? The Patriots loafing through another season against the league’s saddest and most long-suffering divisional opponents

  34. They will be running split QBs out of the shotgun. The Center will decide on each play as to which QB to hike the ball to. Each play will resemble some version of the swinging gate.

  35. No ones going to be shocked. You already have teams that throw the ball up and down the field on a weekly basis so the Ravens implementing passing into their offense isnt going to shock opposing defenses that are used to defending the pass on a larger scale every week. For the one dimensional Ravens its a bold but necessary move but they’re not going to shock opponents by attempting to pass a little bit. Their bread and butter to getting wins will be good defense and ball control.

  36. When the Great Gimmick opens his trap, I know the reality is nothing like he says.

    For the Ravens to shock us, we’d have to see forward passing that shows the QB has learned anticipation of receiver pass routes and throwing before they are open.

    You won’t see this happen at all. The Great Gimmick still hasn’t figured out how to read a playbook after seven years in the league.

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