Dorial Green-Beckham charged again, after jail sentence

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Former NFL wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was recently released from jail, after being sentenced to 90 days when a drug arrest violated his probation from a previous DWI arrest.

He now has more charges to worry about.

According to Harrison Keegan of the Springfield News-Leader, Green-Beckham was also formally charged Thursday with resisting arrest and possessing 10 grams or less of marijuana.

The two misdemeanors stem from the December incident, in which Green-Beckham was an unlucky bystander at a house where cops were executing a drug-related search warrant at another house. As they waited outside, Green-Beckham walked in with a bag containing marijuana.

When the cops raided the house, Green-Beckham jumped out of a window, before he was tased and arrested.

The former Titans second-round pick has been out of the league since 2017, when he was cut by the Eagles.

7 responses to “Dorial Green-Beckham charged again, after jail sentence

  1. And to think Bob Stoops and Oklahoma were petitioning the NCAA to get this guy cleared to play and after he threw a woman down a staircase.

  2. He was represented by the NFLPA, let’s NOT forget that fact! De Smith and his union cronies did NOTHING to help this idiot WR with his drug habits.
    Instead the NFLPA seems to think that it’s the responsibility of the employer, in this case the NFL, to help the player. It’s NOT.
    So in articles such as this, please include the NFLPA as an element because they are.
    If the NFLPA is so damn benevolent then WHY don’t they do ANYTHING to help their clients?

  3. It is the responsibility of the individual to help their own cause, go to an NA meeting, check into rehab, turn your life around. He had great insurance but no will to be a better person.

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