Jared Lorenzen hospitalized

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Jared Lorenzen, a former NFL quarterback who has been open about his health problems, has been hospitalized.

Lorenzen’s family released a statement saying that his health took a turn for the worse.

“On Friday, June 28, Jared began playing a bigger, more important game than he’s ever played before,” the statement said. “Jared had not been feeling well for a few weeks and that finally caught up with him. He was brought to the hospital and fairly quickly was admitted to the ICU. Jared is battling an infection, kidney and heart issues. He is fighting with everything he has and his immediate family is by his side. We will attempt to update as often as possible, but please respect that some aspects of this journey are private matters.”

Lorenzen spent three years with the Giants and was listed at 285 pounds, making him the heaviest quarterback in the NFL. That was often treated as humorous, but Lorenzen revealed two years ago that he ballooned up to 500 pounds and was concerned about his own health.

6 responses to “Jared Lorenzen hospitalized

  1. Guy was physically a monster but not a great QB. A shame he let his weight get so out of control he has these health issues.

  2. It was a lot of fun to see some of your play at Kentucky and in the NFL. It’s heartbreaking to learn of what you’re facing at a still young age, almost as sad are the heartless thumbs down to good wishes in this comments section. Go Colonels, Go Big Blue!!

  3. Get well Big Guy… Prayers to you and your Little Girls. Go CARDS..

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