O.J. Howard wishes Bucs were back in pewter and red

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The Buccaneers may or may not be good this year. They definitely won’t look good.

Even their own players acknowledge that, and change clothes when they play video games.

Via Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times, Bucs tight end O.J. Howard shared on social media a shot of himself playing a video game, with his avatar wearing the uniforms the Bucs wore during the 2002 Super Bowl run.

We need these Uni’s back,” he wrote.

Howard’s crime against the apostrophe is nothing compared to Bucs’ against fashion. The alarm-clock numbers and general garishness of the current Bucs uniforms, which they adopted in 2014, give their players a cartoonish look.

Other players, including left tackle Donovan Smith, have asked to go back even further into history, to the old creamsicle orange beauties. The Bucs wore those from 1976 to 1996, before changing to the pewter and red in 1997.

11 responses to “O.J. Howard wishes Bucs were back in pewter and red

  1. How about this dude stay healthy instead of worry about the uniform

  2. Nike is doing what way too many men’s fashion lines are doing by over-decorating tops and pants.

  3. Buc’s orange, Charger’s powder blue, Dolphin’s throwbacks, Denver crush, Patriot’red uniforms are all way better than the current ones.

  4. Patriot’red uniforms
    WORST uniforms of ANY sport EVER. With the Red tops and the white pants the “Patriots” were dressed exactly like the “Redcoats” which was the Patriots nemesis. Whoever designed and whomever approved of that uniform should have been tossed into the Boston Harbor.

    Robert Kraft first plan of action was getting rid of those awful designed uniforms.

  5. They ruined the helmet when they made the flag too big it looks stupid. I don’t mind the the jerseys and pants they are good. But I do think the old jerseys from 1976-1996 were good too.

  6. I’ve been a Bucs fan since the very beginning. I’ve always loved the creamsicles. Back then, it was designed to give them an advantage playing in Tampa Bay heat and humidity. They made their opponents wear dark jerseys. They started wearing the all white uniforms at home. Then it became creamsicle pants and white jerseys, white helmets. With a little update, I’d love to see them wear the creamsicle again. That uniform was far, far better that the uniform the Bucs wear today.

  7. Thanks to the Bungles, Tampa Bay does not have the ugliest uniform in the league.

  8. Anything would be better than the uglies they wear now. Worst uniform in the NFL, Bengal Town included. (And that numbers suck; big time suck.)

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