Raiders stadium proceeds out of sequence to ensure timely completion

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The new Raiders stadium could become the next Tarantino film.

As explained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the construction is proceeding out of sequence, to ensure that it will be completed on time.

Per the report, workers have commenced installation of the rails that will guide the playing field into place for Raiders games. That project began earlier than expected, because of delays resulting from roof trusses that currently don’t fit.

“That’s an example of something being taken out of sequence and thrown ahead of where it was originally intended so that we could recover some of the delay on the steel erection,” said Don Webb, an executive with the company that is building the stadium. “This normally wouldn’t have been done until we were completely done inside the bowl and working our way out.”

The stadium continues to be on track to open in 2020. The Raiders have a provision in their current lease that would allow them to stay in Oakland for two more seasons if for some reason the stadium isn’t ready.

13 responses to “Raiders stadium proceeds out of sequence to ensure timely completion

  1. Hats off to those responsible for this project, it’s not often you see massive projects like this get delivered on time AND on budget.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

  2. The roof trusses don’t fit? That is so bad and so funny. Someone is paying a boatload for that. Shifting around work items to keep the schedule is typical, but that initial schedule is usually the most efficient.

  3. It’s Vegas. They know how to do big projects like this. It was never not going to be done on time.

  4. I don’t share your optimism. There are yellow flags waving.

    1- Why the heck don’t the trusses ‘fit’?
    2- There’s a reason why you should finish the bowl and then work your way out.
    3- How much schedule are they trying to recover vs. the risks? I know its Vegas Baby!, but still…
    4- The problem with working out of sequence is that someone always forgets to go back and tighten a bolt.
    In a stadium that holds 50,000 spectators that’s a huge risk. The probability is slim, but if the roof fails on game
    day that is 50,000 lawsuits that reach the Owner, the Engineers and Contractors, the NFL and the City of Las Vegas, etc.
    All because of some bonehead that can’t use a tape measure.

    5- And why exactly don’t the steel trusses fit? This is not like building a shed in your back yard where you can just whack a 2×4 with your hammer to make it fit.

    Those were custom measured and designed by a professional engineering firm. To say the ‘trusses don’t fit’ is a HUGE statement. Someone is getting fired, or sued, or (since its Vegas, Baby!) fitted for cement shoes.

  5. I don’t know how this is going to work out well. When you’re building a house you don’t put the roof on before you dig the basement. You don’t install the windows before you build the frame.

  6. If the raiders stadium is the new Tarantino film, does that mean many people will die and it will blurt out the N word 20 times an hour?

  7. Tge Commissioner is a Joke! – We need a New Commissioner! – Boycott the NFL!

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