XFL would be interested in either Geno Smith or Paxton Lynch

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The Seahawks currently have some familiar names on their depth chart behind quarterback Russell Wilson.

Assuming they don’t want to keep both Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch, the XFL may offer the odd man out a soft place to land.

Commissioner Oliver Luck told Greg Auman of TheAthletic.com that the Seahawks competition was one of the ones the league would be keeping an eye on as they tried to find eight starters.

We’re watching the backup quarterback camp battles,” Luck said. “One of these guys is going to get cut. There’s a bunch of those going on. We might not get all of those guys, the quote-unquote loser of those, but a Geno or Paxton is not going to end up on a practice squad. There are a bunch of 3-4-5-year guys that are in that boat. They’ve been on rosters, practice squad, been yo-yo’d two years. They need to play, and that’s my argument to them, that it’s very doable here.”

Luck was at West Virginia when Smith was good there, so perhaps he’s been struck by nostalgia. But he also knows that finding eight decent quarterbacks will be critical, or at least eight interesting quarterbacks.

Whether Smith or Lynch qualify as either remains to be seen, but Luck is well aware of the challenge. They’ve looked at some strays like Ryan Mallett and Landry Jones, and will continue to look under every rock.

11 responses to “XFL would be interested in either Geno Smith or Paxton Lynch

  1. Let’s be more accurate… Geno Smith wasn’t so much “good” at WVU…

    … it was that Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey were crazy dangerous.

  2. Players like Paxton Lynch could really benefit from live pro reps. Geno Smith has shown that he is unlikely to develop into a NFL pro. Landry Jones and Ryan Mallet are possible to benefit, but unlikely. I’d rather see the XFL go after “Who is that” from “where the heck is that U” who are NFL camp arms. Young players with the potential to develop. That would be better for the game. You might need to sign a few of the “almost was” players to get the quality of the game up, but I’d like to see the QB position of the XFL be limited to players with less than [some number] games of experience in the NFL. The NFL is starving for QBs, if XFL provides one Kurt Warner like story, it will have the support of the NFL fans who pretend to be scouts.

  3. If the league depends on signing Geno Smith or Payton Lynch then the XFL is doomed before it starts.

  4. There in lies the problem. They are looking for 3, 4th or even 5th string quarterbacks as their starting quarterbacks. There only hope is a strike and signing NFL players for that year and some deciding to stay.

  5. Of course they would. And that’s why no one will watch.

  6. Both of these guys were very fun to watch in College especially Geno Smith. The NFL’s defenses are so good that it forces the QBs to play conservative. Maybe in the XFL well see more gunslingers and unorthodox QBs succeed.

  7. To the point that Geno smith was only as good as Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey is stupid. Neither of the three players have succeeded in the NFL by much standards. Geno to his defense has been on really two crappy teams with not much help and some QBs need more help from their weapons than others and that’s not to say their bad QBs it’s just their not elite. I don’t think Geno is ever going to earn a starting role in this league ever again but he’s going to be a serviceable back-up, especially in Seattle’s system which plays to his strengths. He’s an athletic guy with a strong arm that can throw it deep down the field and let the receivers track the ball and come up with the catch. Lynch needs experience more than anything. He thinks too much and gets him in trouble. When Seattle cuts him which i think is going to happen, it would really benefit Lynch to go to the XFL and play there for a season or two.

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