Ezekiel Elliott: I need to work harder to avoid “compromised situations”

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Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday to discuss an incident at a Las Vegas music festival earlier this offseason.

Elliott had a confrontation with security guard Kyle Johnson, who said that Elliott shoved him. Elliott was briefly handcuffed, but criminal charges were not filed. Johnson requested a “sincere apology” from Elliott and Goodell sought a conversation as part of a process examining if Elliott, who served a six-game suspension in 2017, violated the Personal Conduct Policy.

Elliott posted a message on Twitter after the meeting that included both an apology and a rundown of what he said he and Goodell discussed on Tuesday.

“Earlier today, I met with the Commissioner to share with him what occurred in Las Vegas and what I have learned from that incident. I’ve worked hard to make better decisions and to live up to the high standards that are expected of me.

I failed to do that here and I made a poor decision. I apologized to Kyle Johnson at the time and I meant it.

I need to work harder to ensure I do not put myself in compromised situations in the future. I am rededicating myself to use all of the resources that the league has made available. But in the end, it is up to me and I am determined not to be in this position again.”

Elliott is expected at training camp with the Cowboys later this month.

43 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: I need to work harder to avoid “compromised situations”

  1. What is the over/under on number of months until he is bankrupt after retirement? The scumbag can’t stay out of trouble.

  2. Translation…”I talked to Rog. Hey, what can I say? I like to party at festivals, with girls and sometimes a girl named Molly. Imagine my surprise when people recognized me and my girl started acting out of line??? I may have big-timed the security guard. For that, I’m extremely sorry it was captured on video. I really didn’t push him all that hard. I could have truck-sticked him, if I wanted to. I showed up the next day for my youth football camp. Let’s call it all even. Please don’t suspend me, Rog. I’m trying to get JJ to cut me a very large check.”

  3. It keeps happening over and over. There seems to be a pattern here. Some people simply cannot stay out of trouble. They can’t seem to figure out that everybody has cell phones and anything they do will be recorded. Zeke, just like Jameis Winston, has a long history of making foolish decisions. I hope they can clean up their acts, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Zeke wished he lived in the pro athlete heydays before social media and everyone having a video recorder all the time. Regarding the 90’s Bills players, all I hear are good stories of encounters with Bills players in the general public, but its just that, stories, no video recorded proof. These NFL players have been having a bit too much of a good time for ages, but now and days you gotta be a bit more careful, sorry Zeke.

  5. So, he got a little drunk in public, acted stupid with his lady friend, and then walked into a security guard (who then flopped like FIFA), and we all want his career ruined for good? I am gonna go out on a LONG limb and guess 99% of the folks who comment on here between ages 35-55 do things ten times more stupid, pretty much every weekend. You hate him because he is black, or rich, or a Cowboy, or all 3, admit it girls.

  6. What he should be saying is I need to stop drinking and acting the fool
    due to not being able to handle it.

  7. Some people can handle partying, some people can’t. I think we know which group Ezekiel Elliott is in.

  8. What do you expect from these players?

    They have money thrown at them, at a young age.

    Put yourself in that situation, and see how things go.

    Assuming you are under 30 years old.

  9. For those that say what he does off the field is of little concern, remember that his indiscretions, which have previously cost him time, ultimately affect his ability to help the team. At what point does a grown man, who is paid millions to play a kids’ game, not able to take ownership of his lack of intelligence?

  10. Kyle Johnson flopped like a soccer player and Goodell knows it. Jerry Jones is playing a big part in leading us to a fair new CBA. Goodell doesn’t need Jones as an enemy right now. I bet Goodell even told Zeke what to write just to get this over with. NOTHING HAPPENED plain and simple. Just like nothing happened to OBJ when he was partying with that hooker and snorting cocaine but since he isn’t wearing a Star or Patriots’ logo, no one cares right? Training camp is near and i cant wait. Just hurry up already football.

  11. And meanwhile, Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt are not meeting with the Commissioner. Double standard ? Or is it because he plays for the Cowboys and Goodell wants to get back at Jerry for unsuccessfully trying to run him out as Commissioner ?

  12. tylawspick6 says:
    July 2, 2019 at 6:10 pm
    Pacman 2.0

    SMH. Seriously? You will find bad in a rainbow. Maybe it is because nothing actually happened? I am not a Dallas fan, a Zeke fan, A 345 fan, or much else. Reminds me of that Peanuts guy with the cloud always over his head, on everyone else.

  13. “I am sorry I got caught.”

    You can’t fix stupid, you can just hope to contain it.

  14. This guy needs serious anger management counseling – well-adjusted men do not act as he does – being sexually aggressive with women against their will is not a sign of a guy who has it together – remember he also physically assaulted a woman in public whom he did not even know and grabbed her mammaries without her consent. This guy is a walking time bomb and his actions cannot be dismissed as “boys being boys” – that is a neanderthal way of thinking. The NFL needs to demand he get anger management counseling because there is more to this guy that the pushes and shoves and grabbing – he has some underlying issue that is manifesting in this behavior that needs to be addressed. We are lucky none of his past situations have not resulted in someone dying. Left unchecked, he is a prime candidate for going off and kiliing someone.

  15. dryzzt23 says:
    July 2, 2019 at 6:50 pm
    Hey Zeus, it’s “compromisING situations”….use some of your millions to learn basic grammar


    Zeus? Maybe you should join Zeke in class.

  16. Since when does going to Twit and posting an apology actually serve as issuing an apology to the guy you assaulted. That is like taking out an announcement in the classified ads of a newspaper and hoping the guy reads it.
    A REAL MAN would call or go face to face with an apology.

    I’m so sick of people these days thinking that anti-social media is where you get personal; this garbage like fakebook and twit are crutches for the weak.

  17. Not “try” harder Zeke…just grow up. There will be another incident with him b4 the season starts..book it. Hes the 2019 version of Pacman Jones.

  18. When you’re a bully who loves pushing people around and intimidating them, it’s hard to stay out of those situations… it’s who the bully is, and it’s part of what makes Elliot a great football player, but a far far less than great human being. Dude clearly loves to intimidate, makes him feel oh so good to see someone back down in fear, that’s what bullies are about, that’s what he’s about.

  19. Same crap from guys like Elliott all the time. They put themselves in these situations and then they pretend they are sorry. I, for one, am sick of guys like him. How about growing up and staying the hell out of trouble, huh?
    Elliott is 23 years old, for crying out loud. He’s a man. He is not a kid. He should be mature enough not to do stupid stuff that kids do, now. But if I were a betting man, I’d lay down quite a few shekels that Elliott will continue to get himself in embarrassing situations, and might even get himself in far more serious situations.
    A zebra doesn’t change his spots.

  20. It’s funny how we don’t see every young player that’s had a ton of money thrown their way putting themselves in these situations. Quit using the “he is young” excuse and call it what it is because there are younger people who are staying out of trouble.

  21. Seems to be a ‘me first’ type of player, which Jerrah seems to like to collect. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, it is not translating into playoff wins. Maybe it’s time for a different approach (and a different GM).

  22. At this point, you really just shouldn’t go outside. People are looking for you to fail at every turn. And you can’t participate in life like most of us.

  23. As a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan I pray Zeke is not one of the great players who is so stupid that he doesn’t know he is stupid if so there is no future in Pro Football or life for him.

  24. Zeke needs to behave better but all the handwringing and santimonious concern over Zeke is comical. If this was Duke Johnson or some mid-tier back no one would give two craps about what Zeke has done. He’s a successful, obnoxious Cowboy. That’s the only reason people are so “pained” over Ezekiel Elliot.

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