James Conner: Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell departures made us closer

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The Steelers will move forward in 2019 without receiver Antonio Brown or running back Le'Veon Bell. The team hopes that it will be addition by subtraction.

“I think only time will tell,” Steelers running back James Conner told #PFTPM on Monday. “I think we became closer maybe because of everything. Throughout OTAs and minicamp, it was fun to see the guys. You know, come into the facility, excited to be there, the interactions and the relationships. They’ve all been great so far. Great vibes within our organization. We’re excited about the future, man.”

The future will include constant external comparisons between what the Steelers are doing without Brown and Bell, and what Brown and Bell are doing without the Steelers. The current Steelers players won’t be paying attention to that.

“We always have respect for those guys,” Conner said of Brown and Bell. “Those are our former teammates. They’re great people as well as football players. Worrying about what they’re doing in their states and teams, that can’t help us none. We hope they do well and wish the best for them, but that can’t help us at all. That’s behind us.”

What’s in front of the Steelers is an opportunity to band together, to find motivation in the noise, and to overachieve, after a couple of seasons of perceived underachievement.

24 responses to “James Conner: Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell departures made us closer

  1. I’m not a Steelers fan but I like Conner. He’s a worker and a team guy. He’s good for that team.

  2. 9 out of 10 times removing a couple bad apples doesn’t make the tree stronger and healthier.Have to chop it down and replant it.

  3. The team lost to Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles in the playoffs and choked away the division last year. I just like reminding everyone of that because it is still very funny. Thumbs up if you agree!

  4. I just like reminding everyone of that because it is still very funny. Thumbs up if

    This comment and your posting name tells the adults on here that your life is really sad if you are still dwelling on the past for stale jokes.

    Conner is trying to be positive…….its what the team has been missing. Go Steelers

  5. Steelers will be 2nd in the North. And Trump would be a better HC than Tomlin. He certainly is a better leader, and will not let the employees run all over him. He would be the best OWNER in the league.
    The Steelers need more talent to best out the Browns, but the next decade belongs to the Chiefs

  6. “Perceived under achievement “???? They did not even make the playoffs last year, and have not won a Super Bowl since TB12 was out! That’s more than “perceived under achievements”!!!

  7. Nobody cares how close you are James! The question is “Are you better?”……and the answer is no!

    So is now 25 years since the last Bungirl playoff win…..? Ill wait….

    Still trying to get the Steelers out of your empty head……you are doing a very bad job. Connor is thinking positively….a novel concept for the losing Bengals.

  8. bengalguy says:
    July 2, 2019 at 11:57 am
    Nobody cares how close you are James! The question is “Are you better?”……and the answer is no!

    Their RB room is better than what they had in ’18, and while their WR group isn’t as top heavy talented, theyre deeper at that position than last year. We’ll see how it translates, but those expecting a large dropoff will likely be disappointed…

  9. @VaSteelerfan
    The only “empty head” around here is yours. The Stoolers were EASILY the most overrated team in the ‘18-‘19 season. And combining the loss of your best player w/ keeping Trip Tomlin @ the helm, your just looking for a repeat performance. But you, like most Stooler fans, feel your entitled to victory, only to keep coming up short @ the end of the season. Great news though…….the Excuse Bucket is getting more full by season after empty season. Keep telling yourself everything is alright in the “Tin City” so you can sleep @ night. Fat Ben is almost done & Trip will be walking out the door with him!

  10. Closer to what? That is the million $$ Question. is it 8-8 or 11-5!!

  11. Let’s face it both Bell and Brown made a big push to get out of Pittsburgh to make more money. It was likely all about the money and if you look at the deal Brown signed, it’s a bad precedent and these diva wide receivers are like little kids. You should not reward them for bad behavior but that’s exactly what the Raiders did.

    If Brown never played another snap again he came out ahead.

  12. tinytoolalldrool says:
    The question is how soon will Ben through him under the bus.

    You command of the english language is impressive and your comments are intellectually stimulating.

  13. Steelers have six super bowl victories, and none were won with either Antonio Brown or LeVeon Bell. You’re better off with “we” guys than “me” guys. Nothing against A.B., I thy think he’s the best WR I’ve seen in a long time.

  14. I would never knock the work these guys do in staying fit or the relationships they have with each other and their coach, commitment to the game, nor do I deny the negativity that might have pervaded the locker room with some of those prima donas no longer on the team…but those prissy little dances and shows in the endzone and the all round lack of consistency of the steelers, lackluster starts, mid-season collapses and unfulfilling end of or post seasons are the norm and it’s worse every year. The schedule the steelers have this season might send them to an early grave and it is very possible Cleveland is on top in the division by the time Steelers and the browns meet.
    I honestly have no faith in Tomlin as a coach though he might be and talk the coolest, it certainly don’t lead to superbowls or championships.
    With Tomlin Steelers are kinda doomed to repeat the yearly history I described above and I don’t care much about them anymore. I look forward to the day Tomlin is gone, although that could be another decade, and I hope fans get it by now. As individuals, you can’t deny the work ethic of these guys year to year and man the rosters steelers have had… a lot of it gone to waste under Tomlin

  15. Steelers couldn’t win 10 games in 2018. Since then, they’ve lost their best players and drafted a bunch of duds. The current roster knows that they only way to succeed in Pittsburgh is to leave Pittsburgh. Do the math.

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