Jaylon Smith: We understand our identity

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The Cowboys were a different team after a 3-5 start last season. Now, they have all 22 players who started the postseason game against the Rams returning, plus the comebacks of center Travis Frederick and tight end Jason Witten.

That makes the Cowboys among the favorites in the NFC.

“We understand our identity,” linebacker Jaylon Smith said at his “Earn Your Stripes” camp last week at St. Francis University, via Mark Lane of WFAA. “Last year we spent a lot of time finding who we were as a team, as a unit, individually. So we know that we’re a team that’s going to play hard-nosed football.”

The Cowboys were among the youngest teams in the NFL last season. All their starters in the postseason game were under the age of 30.

Sean Lee, 32, will start at strong side linebacker and Witten, 37, at tight end this season, which will up the team’s average starting age. But the key players at key positions all are under 30.

The Cowboys have built the team to contend for a long time, but they want to win now. They have not played in an NFC Championship Game since 1995, which is the year they won their last Super Bowl.

“Just to feel and taste how close that we were, but we’re a young team,” Smith said. “We’re older now, and we’re energized. So we’ll be ready. We’ve just got to work.”

12 responses to “Jaylon Smith: We understand our identity

  1. Jaylon Smith started taking over games about midway through last season. He finally has his legs back, and he’s beginning to fly around without hesitation. That’s huge. It’s one of the really good stories about last season that I think has been grossly underreported. I really didn’t think this guy was ever going to be the same. I think he’s better than ever.

  2. Blah blah blah. Same old nonsense never going to win anything with GAC at quarterback

  3. I rather keep our defense and Amari Cooper ahead of Dak and Zeke. No WAY Dak gets 30 plus million a year. Keep Jaylon AT ALL COST! We are not going to dismantle a top 3 defense. Romo carried this team and this new team is carrying Dak all the way. You keep players like Jaylon Smith. They come around once every 20 years.

  4. You are still the 3-5 team you were last year – your results were padded by the Washington Numbskins imploding and the New York Nightmara crime family being dysfunctional with bleachy Odelphia Beckham.

    Until Dakota can master a passing game that shows professional grade results, this team is all bearded woman beater. Should he be injured, this team is an instant losing team.

  5. jerrysglassescleaner

    Jaylon isn’t going anywhere. The Cowboys have plenty of cap space over the next 3-4 years.

  6. For the record, Dallas was actually THE youngest team in the NFL last year, on a per snap basis.

  7. Take command of the nfc east? Yeah ok, keep telling yourself that. You have a lame duck coach, a bad passing QB when it’s over 5 yards and a defense that is going to come back to earth this season. Not to mention, the best player on offense is an ugly troll & a suspension waiting to happen. Dallas sucks! 8-8! Reality check coming this year!

  8. Glad to see him recover from that knee injury. Seeing that in the Fiesta Bowl really sucked.

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