Jerry Jones becomes a central figure in the current CBA talks

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There’s a new sheriff in town. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Per a source with knowledge of the ongoing labor negotiations between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has taken a much more visible and vocal role, so far. He has become a driver of the discussions, emboldened by the perception (and to a large extent reality) that Patriots owner Robert Kraft played a major role in getting the 2011 deal done, following a lockout that lasted more than four months. Jones, apparently, wants to be the one who gets the credit for getting this one hammered out.

Jones has made plenty of deals during his time in the NFL and prior to it, but he at times has a knack (in the opinion of some) for talking too much, which can lead to the ruffling of some feathers. Indeed, we’re told that Jones’ remarks regarding player health and safety during a bargaining session earlier this month sparked a spirited discussion with Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee. While Jones apparently didn’t reprise his “if I didn’t have 50 concussions during my own football career I would have been the President” shtick from several years ago, it was enough to test the feel-good vibe that has characterized the discussions to date.

Jones’ ascension also creates a bit of awkwardness regarding his 2017 assault on Commissioner Roger Goodell. But Goodell and Jones seem to have patched things up (at least enough to work together), and there’s a belief that Goodell hopes to parlay a new CBA into a new round of TV networks into a ride off into the sunset.

Although, as initially reported here several weeks ago, the league wants to get a new deal in place before the start of the NFL’s 100th season, that could be an unrealistic objective, it’s not out of the question that a deal will be done in time to be annouced in the days preceding the Super Bowl, possibly with both the CBA and TV planes landing at or about the same time.

It remains too early to know whether any potential timeline will become the actual timeline, because the deal has far too many moving parts. And the reality is that it’s far too early to know whether the direct involvement of one of the NFL’s biggest movers and shakers could make a good outcome for all parties more likely, or less likely.

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  1. No chance it gets done that early. The players want a lot of concessions from owners, but don’t want to give anything up. I understand theyre the ones putting their bodies and health on the line to give a product…but without the billions from the owners, there would be a much lesser product, paying the players a whole lot less. Going to have to give and take, and we will see which side is actually willing to do that.

  2. “And the reality is that it’s far too early to know whether the direct involvement of one of the NFL’s biggest movers and shakers could make a good outcome for all parties more likely, or less likely.”

    Yeaaaaaaahhhh…I’m gonna go ahead and say, “less likely”.

  3. Wasn’t Jones the one who advocated the lockout last time in an owners’ meeting by simulating a lock and key with his fists? This ought to go great…

  4. SBLIIChampionEagles I haven’t seen much of anything detailing what either side wants, so I am confused how you know the players are asking for a ton of concessions. About the only thing I have seen is the NFL floating an 18 game schedule again.

  5. The players should get together and practice repeatedly walking out in unison.
    They’re going to need all the help they can get.

  6. He is definitely going to be advocating for removing marijuana from the banned substance list. Should’ve been done years ago, with medical marijuana being widely legalized for over a decade now. The NBA, MLB, and NHL all are accepting of it as a medicine, about time for the NFL to hop on that train too. Stop ruining kids careers bc they don’t want to use opiates for pain management!

  7. Well he’ll likely take weed out of the equation for substance abuse violations given his recent statements on the matter. The players ought to like that concession.

  8. Love or hate Jerry Jones, he certainly knows how to maximize what ownership offers and earns – and he has always been very player-friendly, at least in terms of his Cowboys. Not perfect, mind you, but his players tend to really like him and his organization. So at least in that regard, he makes sense as a central figure in talks, someone whose capacity as an owner is known by both sides and yet is not seen as the sort of “master” type owner who drives some players nuts.

  9. This is probably the NFLPA’s last chance to have John Q Public feel any sympathy for them.
    Concussions/18 game schedule/Corruption in the Commish office.
    If they can’t get it together this time around I think the general perception will be “you did it to yourselves”.

  10. players want NBA money, owners want 18 game season…..something tells me an agreement gets made where the players get the same money, and the schedule stays at 16 games

  11. Finally! A more than generous fair HoF owner and general manager Jerry Jones will make it right with everyone. His business tactics has elevated his companies, created jobs and made those rich whom invest in his ideas. Jones has always taken care of his own. Always! This new CBA will be fair.

  12. Jerry would be the last person I would have negotiating. Jones was a key figure in the negotiations for the 2006 contract which was a debacle. Ralph Wilson and Mike Brown were the only 2 owners who voted against the contract and Jerry implied that they were stupid when Wilson said that he was giving away 59% of revenue to the players In 2011 the owners voted 32-0 in favor of a lockout because Jerry had given away 59.5% of revenue.
    Find someone else.

  13. Go through the list of NFL owners one by one. Now picture each of these people in your mind. Most of them either inherited their team, or somehow a team just ended up in their hands. It would be nice to line them all up on a stage, side by side. These people would be wise to sit back and let Jerry Jones do all the talking.

  14. I hope Jerry rides off into the sunset with Godell as well. Give Stephen the title of GM and President. Jerry is good at marketing and selling a product that sells ifself. Not at getting good deals done with players.

  15. hooray, get the CBA done now so we don’t have to worry about it later. I appreciate this late birthday gift with news breaking only 12 days after my real birthday.

  16. I am expecting a work stoppage at some point. If something favorable happens, and they hammer it out ahead of time, I am all for it.

    Andrew Brandt wrote an article a couple of years ago pointing out how the players accepted a lowered revenue amount by percentage last time–really good detail–I have to believe the players will ask for more this time around to “even things out”. And that leads to an impasse is my thinking. Hope I am wrong and both parties come to terms early.

  17. I just don’t see how the players can get NBA type money just based on simple math.

    NFL 32 teams, 53 players, 16 games

    NBA 30 teams, 15 players, 82 games

    I would like to see them do some things the NBA does like max contracts, allowing the teams that drafted the players to be able to offer more money. I don’t see that happening though.

  18. Welp. That’s about as ominous as things could get out of the gate. Yeesh. We’re all about to be without football for who knows how long. Jurrrahh don’t get pushed around in negotiations.

  19. I know if the NFLPA let’s Goodell keep his GOD powers they will lose fans. He should be incarcerated for what he’s done. Integrity remember…?

  20. After Jerry’s worked his magic I hope Kraft’s still here to end the inevitable stalemate/strike.

  21. This can’t be good.
    Guy wants s to destroy the union.
    Why? Cause he’s an idiot!
    A strike will set back the league 20 years, and that’s gonna be the result if Jerry gets his way.
    Looking to skim money from players is NOT GONNA WORK!

  22. I remember Jerry Richardson being the key person in those talks, why is he not given any credit now?

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