What’s next for Ezekiel Elliott?

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Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott made a return to 345 Park Avenue on Tuesday, and he issued a statement after meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell that seemed, frankly, a bit ominous.

Still, as with Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, no one knows what Roger Goodell will do. And anyone who tries to predict what Goodell will do is doing just that — predicting.

A pair of NFL Media reporters have offered their own predictions in the aftermath of Elliott’s meeting with the man who suspended Elliott two years ago. Mike Garafolo says there’s “optimism” the Elliott will avoid a suspension for his interaction with a 19-year-old security guard at a Las Vegas music festival. Jane Slater reports, citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the situation, that “they’re confident there won’t be a suspension for Ezekiel Elliott.” Unless the “they” is Roger Goodell or his inner circle, they could be as wrong as they were two years ago, when they were confident Elliott wouldn’t be suspended the first time, and that after he was he’d successfully avoid it in court.

Regardless of any optimism or confidence, only one man knows what the outcome will be, and that one man said enough to Elliott today to spark a social-media mea culpa suggesting the kind of contrition that comes only after someone has had the fear of Go(o)d(ell) placed into him.

It’s important to remember that Elliott already has been suspended for a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy. This makes him a “repeat offender” in the eyes of the policy, and the policy plainly states that “[r]epeat offenders will be subject to enhanced and/or expedited discipline, including banishment from the league with an opportunity to reapply.”

So unless the NFL Media employees are getting their information from the guy who signs their paychecks, it’s impossible to know what said paycheck-signing guy will be doing when it comes to whether Elliott will be forfeiting one or more of his own paychecks during the 2019 season. Soon enough, we’ll all know what Goodell has decided to do.

36 responses to “What’s next for Ezekiel Elliott?

  1. The security guard was only 19? Elliott should be ashamed of himself. What a jerk.

  2. 10 games. Little Zeke needs to learn that big boys keep their hands to themselves and control their temper. Funny how there hasnt been a peep from Jerry or Carrot Top on this.
    All good, do what you want as long as youre part of “the culture” and one of Garretts Guys.

    Cowboys are a joke, on and off the field.

  3. Not sure what’ll happen, but I don’t think he deserves to be suspended for what I saw on the video

  4. I dont feel that Zeke should be suspended for “this” incident but…in the eyes of Rodger and the NFL it IS an incident. Discipline is progressive by nature. 8 games will be ASSessed.

  5. As a diehard Cowboy Fan it hurts me to say this. Zeke ol buddy, Goodell owns your future – and u gonna play by his rules or u gonna splinter. I think there will be a suspension between 1 and 4 games.

  6. It sounds like Goodell made Zeke issue a public apology in exchange for avoiding a suspension. Sounds reasonable and fair which is normally the opposite of Goodell typically does so who really knows.

  7. I’m an Eagles fan and don’t think it should be much for what I saw on that video. 2 games max.

  8. Zeke is a delinquent how many “2nd chances” does he deserve Dallas is running him into the ground and after they use 5th year option on him he will be broken goods and out of the league!

  9. I don’t see a suspension happening here but the thin ice under his feet certainly got thinner.

  10. Not a fan of the Cowboys, nor a fan of Goodell. I believe a player should be suspended, if the court of law finds them guilty of a crime, otherwise let it go. I am a fan of the Chiefs, if Tyreek Hill is guilty by the court system then punish him, the same with Kareem Hunt. Goodell should not be allowed to play GOD if there is not actually a crime committed. Not defending any players, but Let the courts decide before issuing discipline.

  11. We all know what’s next for him. Another early playoff exit sandwiched between two more idiotic incidents.

  12. Nowadays if you’re an athlete or anyone famous you have to act like you’re on camera every time you’re in public. Everyone has a smartphone and stuff like this that we’d never have heard about 10-15 years ago is probably getting filmed by somebody.

  13. Exactly what is considered an “incident”? Or, is it defined by one’s station in the NFL, i.e. there are missteps by players that the NFL Powers-at-be consider “incidents”, and then there are public falling down by Owners and GMs that get little to no attention as “incidents” by anyone other than the ticket buying public and are really a bigger stain on the shield as poor representation of NFL management.
    Perhaps this is an area that needs addressing in the CBA talks while hammering out who gets what money?

  14. He’ll probably get suspended for the week 1 game……. Against my Giants!!! Booohooohahahahaha!!! We will need all the help we can get to beat Dem Boys!!! Thanks Zeke, keep up the good work….

  15. Like his talent, one of the best but how many chances is enough? If you can’t carry yourself professionally, you need to be gone! Goodell needs to get a handle on this criminal behavior, time for discussions has passed for Zeke! He doesn’t know how to behave outside of football!

  16. One thing is certain if I were the guy signing Zekes checks I wouldn’t be interested in resigning him to any deal at all. He’s not worth the headache

  17. droppedinagreasefire says:

    July 3, 2019 at 9:17 am

    Fanboys, there doesn’t have to be a crime committed to be punished by your employer. Ever skipped a day of work without calling it in? Was that a crime? Doink.

    Zeke didn’t show up for work? Yes, then he should be punished by his employer. Funny, I got in a small fight last weekend at a concert and my employer didn’t say a thing. He did get a laugh though when I told him about it…

  18. Nowadays if you’re an athlete or anyone famous you have to act like you’re on camera every time you’re in public. Everyone has a smartphone and stuff like this that we’d never have heard about 10-15 years ago is probably getting filmed by somebody.

    What ever happened with acting like an honorable person at all times? Not just when the cameras may be near.

  19. Ha ha ha , you just knew he was gonna be a problem when he walked out on stage all decked out in his rhinestone studded mid drift shirt and matching bowtie on draft night. He already had a rap sheet before that.What can you say , Jerrah sure knows how to pick out those character guys !

  20. Multimillionaire famous NFL players can’t really drink in bars or other public venues. It’s just not something that works any more.

  21. My guess is that he will be suspended for 6 – 8 games, will appeal and Goodell will cut that in half for a 3 – 4 game suspension. His mia culpa was a required pretense by Goodell so there is a public apology and acknowledgement of the behavior being of the nature that is detrimental to the NFL. Again my guess is the Goodell told him, look you issue a public apology and take responsibility for these actions as detrimental and inappropriate and I won’t put you on the Commish List of players not eligible to play until I take you off. You will receive a suspension and can then appeal it and I’ll take it through a hair cut. You have either option A – don’t play this year or option B – a reasonably short suspension.

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