Bills think Trent Murphy “looks so much better” than last year

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Heading into the offseason, there was some question about whether defensive end Trent Murphy would remain with the Bills for a second season.

Murphy didn’t produce much after signing a three-year deal with Buffalo as a free agent, although that probably shouldn’t have been a huge surprise. Murphy tore his ACL and MCL while with Washington in 2017 and the extended recovery time for those injuries left him at less than 100 percent when the regular season rolled around.

Whispers that he’d be moving on never amounted to anything, though. The Bills held onto Murphy past the March date when a portion of his salary was guaranteed and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said the team saw signs that Murphy will regain his effectiveness this year.

“I’ve told him a few different times as we’ve gone through some drills here in OTAs how different he looks,” Frazier said, via the Buffalo News. “Of course, last year at this time he was coming off the injury and the surgery and really kind of feeling his way. The confidence, the movement, everything looks so much better. We’re hoping that continues as we get farther along, but he’s a different player.”

The Bills added players at many positions this offseason, but stood pat with Murphy, Jerry Hughes and Shaq Lawson as their edge rushers. A rebound from Murphy would make that decision pay off.

9 responses to “Bills think Trent Murphy “looks so much better” than last year

  1. Hands-down, the Bills win the off-season yet again.

    Championship after championship.

  2. He needs to earn that contract this season or they will move on from him. It sure would be nice to have another real threat on the other side of Jerry Hughes though.

  3. A bad knee injury can get you back on the field in 1 year these days but it still takes a full 2 years to get back to 100%. I am excited to see a fully healed Trent Murphy this year. He had 9 sacks and 47 tackles with 25 QB hits and 10 tackles for loss when he was healthy in 2016. He tore his knee in camp with the Redskins in 2017. He should be ready to go this year. I will take those 2016 numbers again right now. If he doesn’t get better this season, the Bills can release him from his 3rd year of the contract and take a $1.75 million cap hit…..

  4. He had 9 sacks in his contract year. Other than that it’s been 4, 3.5, and 2.5. It’s quite possible that he’s actually just the 4-sack player that we saw last year.

  5. Guys looking good in shorts during OTA’s? I’m sure Shady looks ‘lean and quicker’ this offseason too right?

  6. Also last year he had to take drug tests each week due to testing positive for steroids in 17. Now that he is back to only being tested once a season he ‘looks so much better’…

  7. Pats fans always chiming in in these.

    They’re scared. They know what’s coming. No more automatic division titles for that team.

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