David Njoku: We felt disrespected by Hue Jackson last year

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Quarterback Baker Mayfield was the Browns player most visibly upset with Hue Jackson after Jackson was fired as the team’s coach last season and went to work for the Bengals, but he wasn’t alone in harboring bad feelings about the former coach.

Tight end David Njoku was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show Tuesday and was asked whether Mayfield’s slam of Jackson following a game against the Bengals last season was a case of the quarterback speaking for the entire locker room.

“Well, obviously we weren’t happy with what Hue said about us after he left. It is what it is,” Njoku said. “Baker didn’t appreciate it. We came together after Hue left and took it upon ourselves to work extra hard to finish the year strong. . . . Baker has a voice, as we all do, and he didn’t appreciate what happened. It’s not like we’re robots. We felt, in a way, disrespected. It is what it is.”

The Browns responded well after Jackson was fired, but the same kind of in-season motivational boost isn’t expected this year. They’ll need to find something, though, because coming close to a winning record this year won’t be seen as the same kind of accomplishment.

34 responses to “David Njoku: We felt disrespected by Hue Jackson last year

  1. Young and arrogant. Just shut up and put together a full season before you talk about being disrespected. Who cares about being disrespected by the most losingest coach since Rich Kotite. You should be more worried about the Ravens and Steelers. This is why you’re who you are.

  2. Browns fan here. Really getting tired of all of the talk coming from Browns players. You felt disrespected by Hue? Fine go and prove it on the field but shut up off the field.

  3. Too many mouths in Cleveland. Quit talkin and prove it on the field. Oh yea tell your QB dont be the next Big Ben with his mouth!

  4. The work ethic of today’s youth… Shut up and get to work. If you don’t like your boss quit.

  5. ninerfan81 says:
    July 3, 2019 at 9:01 am
    Young and arrogant. Just shut up and put together a full season before you talk about being disrespected. Who cares about being disrespected by the most losingest coach since Rich Kotite. You should be more worried about the Ravens and Steelers. This is why you’re who you are.
    ——————————————————————————————I thought the point of an interview is to answer the questions you’ve been asked. As he said, he’s not a robot. I think it’s implied that he’s focused on whichever team’s they face this season.

  6. People are talking about they’re tired of Browns players talking as if these guys aren’t supposed to answer questions during interviews? This is very strange.

  7. No offense to all who think a man has to achieve before feeling disrespected, but he doesn’t. He gets that because he is a human. Normally I do not like when players play this card, but let’s be honest – that is normally ego talking as well as a serious lack of maturity. Which is fine because most of them are in their 20s.

    In this case I am not offended, because Hue’s exit was classless and sought to place the blame on his players and the organization when that wreck we call the Hue Era is solidly on his shoulders. I think he was even worse than Jeff “I am the King of Mediocrity” Fisher. He should have been apologizing to that team.

  8. Hue had lost the team. It’s hard to work for someone you don’t respect and when he left everyone needed to dig down and come together under the new coaching staff. They did. They won some games and were an exciting team to watch. Their last game decided the division champ and who would go to the playoffs.
    Now that they have gone from 0-16 to MAYBE a playoff team, we’re hearing a lot about them. The media has them under a microscope and it’s a slow news time, so there’s nothing else to report. Don’t make this out to be the Browns players hyping all this stuff; (an overly enthusiastic Greedy Williams not withstanding), every team thinks they have a great chance right now. Too much Browns stuff? That’s not the teams fault.

  9. I bet there will be commenters that feel disrespected by Njoku’s discussion about feeling disrespected.

  10. Have no issue with Jackson taking a job with Bungles. I have an issue with Bungles offering him a job. He has bee awful

  11. delsj says:
    July 3, 2019 at 8:31 am
    It’s barely July and I am already sick of the Cleveland Browns.
    Then why are you here reading and posting?

  12. I’m getting sick of the term “felt disrespected”. It’s being overused by many professional athletes today. Grow a pair, stop being so sensitive, and move on please.

  13. Jackson was FIRED by the Browns. It’s not like he woke up and quit to join the Bengals.

    It’s entirely stupid to be hating on a guy that’s just trying to get another job and provide for his family. So out of touch with reality.

  14. @u4iadman says:
    July 3, 2019 at 10:56 am
    Hue a bum for raiders and everywhere else he went.

    Laughing stock.
    Say what you will but you’re wrong about his time in Oakland. His 8-8 record (with Terrell Pryor as QB) in 2011 was last exceeded in 2002! It was equaled in 2010 when he was OC. Since 2011 Raiders didn’t win 8 games again until 2016. You are the real laughing stock.

  15. I think Hue’s demise began when Al Davis died and the power struggle ensued. Then he became somewhat arrogant and smug. Hard Knocks was a bad look for him from the moment the producers yelled “ACTION”!

  16. It’s great they started working hard after their coach got fired.

    I’m sure the fans who bought tickets to the games they tanked really appreciate that.

  17. What’s the obsession with Hue by everybody in Cleveland? He’s gone, move along and enjoy the future.

  18. I’ve had a long a varied career and for the life of me I can’t figure out this obsession with “disrespected” by pro sports athletes.

    I mean outside of the Mafia, in what other business are the employees constantly going on about “respect”?

  19. Knuckleheads …He was asked and answered a direct question. He didnt seek a spotlight to rag on Hue Jackson. You want players to be honest in answering questions dont you.
    You are the same people who rip players coaches for cliche answers.

  20. The only ones who can honestly claim disrespect from Hue were the Browns ticket holders. Oh and Todd Haley, but I’m pretty ok with that.

  21. For a while I said, “well, the media’s asking. They have to say something about Hue.”

    Now I wish they’d just say, “no comment.”

    So sick of hearing about Hue.

  22. Soo you worked EXTRA hard AFTER Hue got fired, what???
    You mean, winning ONE game in two season and you didn’t work your absolute hardest???
    But your coach gets fired, NOW you put in the work??
    Mayfeild didn’t like Hue going to a different ball club after he was fired?? Grow up man.
    When your skill diminishes or you were a one year wonder and your team cans your ass, are you quitting football or are you going to try to get on another team?? Idiot.

  23. Hue busy making enemies….he’s excellent at that, just not too good at getting a football team to rally around him and play hard. Huey sux big time. Even the Raiders figured it out after 8 games. Thanks much Haslam for pulling another con on your customers.

    Always beware of people who tell you ‘it’s my way or the highway’. Take the highway if you can.

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