Jared Lorenzen dies at 38

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Former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen has died at the age of 38.

“The family of Jared Lorenzen would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your support and prayers over the past six days,” Lorenzen’s family said in a statement to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio. “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jared today, July 3, 2019. Again, we appreciate all of the warm wishes and prayers, but as a family, we would request your respect and privacy. We will offer arrangement information in the coming days. Please keep Jared’s family and especially his children in your thoughts and prayers.”

The Lorenzen family confirmed last week that Jared was in intensive care as a result of an infection and kidney and heart issues.

Lorenzen, who was the heaviest quarterback in the NFL and was jokingly referred to as the “Hefty Lefty,” admitted in retirement that he had weighed as much as 500 pounds and that his weight had caused serious health problems.

Growing up in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Lorenzen became one of the best high school football players in the country and committed to play in the high-flying offense of Hal Mumme at the University of Kentucky. He left school as the Wildcats’ all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns. His brief NFL career saw him back up Eli Manning for two years with the Giants and then spend a short time with the Colts.

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  1. That is a damn shame. Far too young. I feel for all his friends and family who are grieving right now. He really was one of the most fun college QBs to watch.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Seemed like a good dude. I’m overweight myself and have to get on it – life is too short.

  3. He was a true original. Came across as a great guy that didn’t take himself too serious as a pro athlete. Tough week for losses too early in sports. RIP Hefty Lefty. I always got a kick out of you…. regardless of team allegiance.

  4. Awful awful news. I remember watching a game or two of his college games and being really impressed by his athleticism. His arm, his scrambling, his resourcefulness – he was gifted. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and Wildcat, Big Blue and Colts teammates.

  5. This saddens me. I remember reading an article not too long ago that he was trying to get his weight under control. I was really hoping he would succeed. RIP

  6. Why in the name of the good Lord are people putting thumbs down on RIP comments?, you people are disgusting and are missing a heart….unreal!!!

  7. Man that’s sad. I was hoping for the best but when I read he was having renal failure, I thought it might come soon. My auntie and grandma went the same way. God bless him.

  8. A sad day for his friends and family.
    But you would hope something like this could be a wake up call to others with weight issues, if nothing else.

  9. RIP Jared Lorenzen, sorry you were taken from us too soon. I hope this is a wake up call to the 100+ million obese people in the U.S. as we are no longer in an Obesity epidemic, it is an Obesity Catastrophe.

  10. I was always hoping that he would keep his weight under control, if he had he might still be in the league today. RIP.

  11. very sad…rip. I can honestly say this hits home. early in may i was found to have a 95% blockage in a artery in my heart. they put in a stent. things were going well then on may 26th crap hit the fan and this is why this hits home. i went to the er for shortness of bteath. they sent me to the cardiac icu due to my heart beats per minute were at 130 or 140. i couldnt breathe and they came to help. long story short i was in renal…liver…had a infection and my heart wouldnt slow down. the dr told my wife i was extremely sick and had a infection that might kill me but he was treating me like i had everything. turns out i had Afib and sepsis. stayed in the icu for 4 days and in a regular room for 8 more days. the dr told my wife and i that i was extremely lucky to be alive. what ive read makes me wonder if the same thing happened to this guy cuz the symptoms were so similar. rip and condolences to his family

  12. We Giants fans also used to call him the Pillsbury Throwboy. Sad loss. Wish he could have turned it around.

  13. I think everyone who watched was pretty amazed by his agility and athleticism for a big man. I always thought the two nicknames I heard for him were some of the best I had heard in sports “The Hefty Lefty” and ” The Pillsbury Throw Boy”.

    Seemed like a good dude – 38 is much too young.

  14. Terrible news…. Doesn’t seem that long ago to the Kentucky days that he would be 38. He is a great story in that he beat the odds, worked hard and won a SB. I hope some good comes of his death. Maybe some will flash back to the ‘healthy at any size debate’ brought on by SI Swimsuit Issue.

  15. Lesson to all to take care of yourself. I was starting to have issues and radically changed my diet. With changing my eating habits I lost 40 lbs, got off BP meds and brought my blood numbers back to normal. Heart disease is very preventable with discipline.

  16. I remember him playing. I LOVED it when he would tuck the ball and run. I saw him run over some dude when he was with the Giants… the guy just bounced off him and he kept running. Condolences from Browns Nation.

  17. Crazy anyone would down vote comments like sad, too young… what’s wrong with people?

  18. Very sad news but he lived and achieved more in 38 years then ppl do in a lifetime! Rip to the Pillsbury throwboy

  19. stucats says:
    July 3, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    Why in the name of the good Lord are people putting thumbs down on RIP comments?, you people are disgusting and are missing a heart….unreal!!!

    There are some very sick people in the world.

  20. For the over weight folks taking note of this, just watch “Breakfast Is The Worst Meal of the Day” He is a little goofy, but has his facts right and this works.

  21. This guy jarred was something special for me and the rest of the state of Kentucky rather you was a Kentucky fan or not he was just a very special guy not only was he a good guy but a great kid on and off the field of play and helped the university of Kentucky restore the future of football to what it is today I’m very deeply saddened by his passing he is gone way too early he was a exceptional leader on and off the field of play too his teammates he gave nothing but 100 percent all heart and fans we greatly appreciated all he has done helping lead the wild cats to some very impressive wins and treated people with dignity and respect I will miss him and his big heart too kids just wanting a autograph that he always had time for every fan and kid and smiling RIP Big Guy we will love you always Go Big Blue

  22. What a sad, sad story. Lorenzen had an extremely difficult time controlling his weight, even when he played in the NFL. To think that this problem ended his life at this very young age is so sad.

  23. I’m literally a few days older than Jared and grew up 5 minutes from Highlands High School. So I’ve had a front row seat to all the hype around him that started way back in HS when Highlands was stomping all the local competition. From what I could tell, Jared always seemed like a nice guy with a good sense of humor. I’m genuinely sad to see him lose the battle. Prayers for the family.

  24. nyneal says:
    July 5, 2019 at 10:17 am
    What a sad, sad story. Lorenzen had an extremely difficult time controlling his weight, even when he played in the NFL. To think that this problem ended his life at this very young age is so sad.

    I agree, it certainly is a sad situation, and the weight definitely contributed to, and/or caused his health issues. However, sometimes you see people/athletes that appear to be in fantastic shape just pass with no warning. A lot of times, someone’s death doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I’m a big believer in when it’s your time, it’s your time. It doesn’t make it any easier on the loved ones left behind, no matter circumstances. Sadly, JL is another example of why we should not take one minute we are given for granted. RIP

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