Matt Nagy fires a perfect first pitch at White Sox game

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The ritual of the first pitch creates a strange dichtomy between the person throwing it and the persons watching it.

The person throwing the first pitch wants to throw it well. The persons watching it want chaos.

On Wednesday night, Bears coach Matt Nagy delivered anything but chaos while throwing out the first pitch prior to a White Sox game. As memorable first pitches go, this one was memorable only because it was a rocket.

The folks at called it a 98-mile-per-hour throw. It surely didn’t have that much pop. But it likely wasn’t far from it.

That said, Superfans still wouldn’t have been impressed. They’d say that Ditka could throw Nagy 98 miles per hour.

7 responses to “Matt Nagy fires a perfect first pitch at White Sox game

  1. Watch his stride. That’s BP stride. No one on this planet can throw 98 with that short of a stride. Yes, he threw it hard, as far as first pitches go, for non players.

    There was also some downward arc on it at the end. My guess would be 78. Might have a natural cutter. Might be a loss in velocity. Might be my eyes.

    Yes, he has a good if not great arm to throw it 78 at his age, without warming up and short striding it. I imagine he could throw 86 to 88, with the proper conditioning. I would think he warmed up a bit at least a little bit, after a lifetime of having a good arm.

  2. DITKA is THE Bears icon. Nagy would have to win three Super Bowls and throw a no-hitter to start to approach DITKA level of reverence.

  3. OMG, I think they should just cancel the season and give the Bears the Lombardi trophy….the butt kissing that goes on here for a team and a coach that have accomplished nothing is mid blowing…..If you read PFT you would think Matt Nagy can turn water into wine, heal the sick, feed the poor and has the cure for cancer….don’t forget his franchise is still owned by the McCaskeys, has Ted Philips as it’s President, and Ryan Pace as the GM….there are and always have been committed to mediocrity.

  4. Mike Shereck says:
    July 4, 2019 at 9:14 am
    OMG, I think they should just cancel the season and give the Bears the Lombardi trophy

    Really? Hate over throwing out a pitch? LOL Happy 4th of July.

  5. Ditka, by himself, could go undefeated playing the entire season as the one and only player for the Chicago Cubs. In that scenario, the Cubs could fire the entire team and let Ditka cruise to a World Series victory.

    However, MLB would never allow that to happen. The reason being that Ditka’s domination would be too dominant. Fans of other teams would quit going to games. Why bother when Ditka was obviously going to win the World Series? The players union would be upset at the Cubs for not maintaining the contracted roster size. MLB is too political and wimpy to allow Ditka to destroy every team in the league single-handedly.

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