John Ross changing numbers to “start everything over”

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Bengals wide receiver John Ross said this offseason that there’s a “completely different” energy around the Bengals and there will be another change from the last two seasons as well.

Ross is changing from No. 15 to No. 11 in a move that he said represents his bid to “start everything over” after a disappointing first two years in the NFL. The switch isn’t as simple as just throwing on a new jersey as the NFL requires a player buy out jerseys with the old number before going through with the change. Ross has gone through that process this offseason.

“It’s still crazy,” Ross said, via Paul Dehner of “But it’s something I was passionate about. It’s not like I’m actually buying something that is useless or would throw away. I see it like somebody else purchasing like a diamond chain or something. I’m doing it based off something I really want. It’s actually, I do this for a living. It’s not like it’s a waste of money. It’s all planned out and something I wanted to do.”

Ross’s attempt to reinvent himself on the field will continue in training camp and his ability to see that change through will be more significant than making the jersey switch happen.

36 responses to “John Ross changing numbers to “start everything over”

  1. Well… we will see.

    The current Bengals o-line will probably prevent Andy Dalton
    from checking down to the second receiving option
    (let alone… the 4th-5th option).

  2. That will fix it, lol. It’s a good thing some of these guys are talented athletes it’s their only way to get through life.

  3. John will do fine this year. He came on a bit down the stretch last year, and his 7td’s aren’t dismissible. AJ and TB are absolute beasts, so he ought to have some room to separate.

  4. lol

    why do i keep hearing about this bust? what is it?

    note all the mouth running from afc teams, but one…all quiet in new england. all business

  5. edon8334 says:
    July 4, 2019 at 11:07 am
    dude had like 7 touchdowns and didn’t play that many games
    Wow. Was *not* aware of that. I always think of him as a bust: “busts” do not have seven TD seasons. What is he trying to reinvent?

  6. Other WRs took a while to break out with the Bengals. Boyd and Jones didn’t do much until their third year, so I think its fair to circle this year as Ross’ make-or-break season. Hopefully he gets it together, otherwise there’s plenty of guys further down the depth chart that would be happy to move up.

  7. #11…for the number of games he had with 2 or fewer catches in 2018 (including numerous single-catch games and one zero-catch debacle).

  8. never thought of him as a bust cause I don’t think he should of been drafted that high to begin with….drafting a wr just cause he’s fast is such an al davis move…

  9. Incredibly bad draft pick…..and everyone knew it except the Bengals….

  10. Most of your WR’s in the NFL don’t “click” until year 3. You have
    your exceptions like AJ Green, Julio Jones etc. etc. etc. People
    tend to forget that there were 2 wide receivers taken before Ross
    in the draft also! Corey Davis went #5 to the Titans and Mike Williams
    went #7 to the Chargers. They aren’t exactly lighting it up either.

  11. He was glass at UW. Thing was, he ran free since he was faster than anyone else. The moment he gets tackled, that’s where the injuries all happen. As a Husky fan, I could have told the Bengals this guy would spend his career on IR.

  12. “It’s not like it’s a waste of money.”

    Tell that to the people who were dumb enough to buy your old jersey number. :/

  13. Marvin Lewis used this guy as a scapegoat while letting Pacman and Vontaze play recklessly. Marvin often tries to flex on young players…tried this early with Tyler Boyd. Never understood why Marvin hates and discourages rookies. Everyone is glad he’s gone, especially Ross.

  14. I’m afraid, with their depth at WR, he is relegated to one role and that is deep threat. He is fast (I think we all know that) but he hasn’t been able to put the rest together. I would say 50 catches for 750 yards and 8 TDs would be a good year for him.

  15. So the ultimate goal of a player is to score touchdowns so his team can win, right? Yardage and first downs and catches are all fine and dandy, but you don’t win unless you cross the goal line. And everyone keeps saying Ross is a bust, but does anyone realize last year there were only 12 wide receivers with as many or more touchdowns than him? And how many had less? 199. If you want to take it a step further, there were only 48 offensive players in the entire league that scored as many or more touchdowns than Ross and 472 that scored less. I’m more than happy to have a “bust” on the team if he scores more than 93% of the league.

  16. johnnymck17 says:
    July 5, 2019 at 8:52 am

    I’m afraid, with their depth at WR, he is relegated to one role and that is deep threat.

    You’d think so, however, if you look at his production last year, most of his touchdowns were in red zone and goal line situations. His quickness is hard to match in short spaces.

  17. 50 catches for 750 yards and 8 TDs would be a good year for him.
    What’s wrong with just 8 td’s? John Ross is looking at the same way people dismiss dink-and-dunk QB’s. It’s all Moneyball: who cares if you make splashy plays– all that matters is getting on base (Aka the end zone)

  18. I think Stanley Morgan Jr will end up ahead of him in the depth chart,but beat of luck tho’….

  19. Why is everything mental with this guy? The first problem he runs into this season he will have a breakdown. The guy is just a mental weakling. Are the Bengals going to waste 4 years on this guy like Ogbuehi?

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