Josh Doctson: Washington passing on my option is nothing to be sad about

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Washington took wide receiver Josh Doctson with the 22nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, and so far he’s been a disappointment, which is why the team passed on his fifth-year option this offseason. But Doctson says that’s fine.

Doctson says he’ll have a positive attitude this year, whether he’s working toward a new contract in Washington or elsewhere.

“I think I’m hitting free agency next year. I won’t be the first, won’t be the last,” he said, via ESPN. “It’s nothing to be sad about, be mad about. Someone wants you there, so it’s all love.”

Doctson doesn’t believe he has anything to prove as a player, even though he hasn’t done a lot in his first three NFL seasons.

“No, because that would mean it would have gotten to me and I’d feel some type of way. There’s no motivation,” he said. “I’m not trying to prove nothing to nobody. Just trying to get chemistry with the quarterbacks.”

Doctson did have the best numbers of his career in 2018, but that was just 44 catches for 532 yards. He’ll need more than that if he’s going to earn a big contract in free agency next year.

21 responses to “Josh Doctson: Washington passing on my option is nothing to be sad about

  1. You have plenty to prove and it starts there with you knowing. Go be great for us next year and all that contract stuff will sort itself out. No time better than today!

  2. It means the team that drafted you, and paid you to play thinks your not good enough to bring back. Sure would make me feel sad. But hey good luck try out for 14 teams and maybe get signed as the 6th receiver on one of them, you’ll show Washington lol.

  3. I’m not sure an attitude like he has will endear himself to any team looking at him in free agency. If he doesn’t put up some numbers this year they may feel the same about him as he feels–no motivation.

  4. Remember when I thought Josh Doctson was a tight end?!?
    Good times. 😉

    THE REASON: Any Doctson footage I saw… Josh looked slow and lifeless

    Makes me value 2nd rounder (from the same draft) Tyler Boyd.

  5. Slight attitude adjustment Josh is needed. You were picked in the first round, much was expected from you! You didn’t mind that first round money, I’m sure, so, you should feel something. Like, obligation to do your damn job and be a difference maker for the team that drafted you? Do you really think the other 31 teams want your style of commitment and/ or performance. Teams want players who want to prove they are the best , week in and week out. Think about it man!

  6. No idea if this guy has potential in a different offense with different coaches and a different QB, but he’s looking at a 1 year prove it deal somewhere next year.

  7. At least my bucs are good at one thing drafting and getting undrafted wide receivers and tight ends. That’s about the only thing they are good at in the draft. Mike evans, Chris Godwin in the 3rd. Oj Howard, and Cameron brate undrafted. And Bobo Wilson Justin Watson and Scotty Miller should be are wide receivers and tight ends all drafted or picked up as undrafted. Only exception being breshard Permian we have this year is the only guy we didn’t draft.

  8. Campcouch says….It`s not like he`s on the most dynamic of teams…..When Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon were there they put up great numbers! Next time put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in gear!

  9. indiapalealeblog says:

    Josh Doctson will have earned over $10 million with the Redskins.
    He’s set for life.

    Techinically you’re correct, he should be set for life. However, how many times have we seen a professional athlete, who made truckloads of money during his playing career, be broke only a few years after retiring. Plus, after taxes and everything else it’s probably closer to $5M. That’s still enough to live comfortably if you’re not a knucklehead. Sadly, that doesn’t describe a lot of those guys.

  10. More is always good but he has done just fine regardless of what the Redskins did.

  11. Hasn’t worked out! He’s not the only first rounder to be talked about that way. But I hope he has an explosive year. HTTR!

  12. He obviously is “not trying to prove nothing to nobody.” The last three years are proof.

  13. Doctson was a very talented receiver coming out of TCU. Sometimes that doesn’t necessarily translate to the NFL for whatever reason. You also never know how sudden wealth affects a person. There can be an adjustment period and a re-dedication to football. Not a Washington follower, so I’m not up to speed on Doctson. All I’m saying is Josh had the talent coming out of TCU. If Doctson wants to stay in Washington, it time for that talent to turn into production.

  14. He was drafted to be the number one receiver. Last year, his third, I finally saw flashes of a guy who could become a number three receiver. He’s not merely lackadaisical, more often than not, you’re not even aware that he’s on the field.

  15. What grinds my gears are the comments about how he expects to hit free agency. He has never given me an indication that he wants to work harder, he wants to get better, he wants to stick around. Chris Cooley predicted this during Doctson’s very first summer in DC: the guy has no love for the game, and not enough competitive edge to improve. Good riddance.

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