Jeffery Simmons progresses to running in ACL rehab

Getty Images

Titans rookie Jeffery Simmons said in June that he was not “rushing anything” in his rehab from a torn ACL, but he’s making progress without trying to push things farther than necessary.

Simmons tore his ACL in February while preparing for the draft and the prospect of him being out for his entire rookie season didn’t stop the Titans from making the defensive tackle a first-round pick.

In June, Simmons said he was focused on working in the weight room and watching film because he had not been cleared to run yet. That clearance came at some point in the last few weeks because Simmons posted video to his Instagram account of him running across a field.

There’s a long way to go from running in a straight line to being cleared to play football, so Simmons still has a lot on his plate despite the big step forward in the rehab process.