Wilkerson, Liuget remain top unsigned free agents

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Free agency in the NFL has slowed down — and effectively stopped for the top players, as we haven’t heard so much as a peep about any interest in the top remaining free agents in recent weeks.

The two best available free agents in our Top 100 list are both defensive linemen, Muhammad Wilkerson and Corey Liuget.

The only news we’ve heard recently about Wilkerson was that he was arrested for drunk driving, which surely didn’t help his cause in convincing teams to sign him. Liuget last drew our attention in April, when he visited the Jaguars.

The other unsigned players in our Free Agent Top 100 are former Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan, former Lions safety Glover Quin, former Saints offensive lineman Jermon Bushrod and former Cardinals safety Tre Boston.

24 responses to “Wilkerson, Liuget remain top unsigned free agents

  1. They all want too much money, which means they are done past 30.

    And, all of them were overpaid for their production and quality level, too.

    Good players but at one point or another, way overpaid.

  2. None of these guys except possibly Tre Boston qualify as “top players” any more. They’ve either been injured a lot or played far below earlier seasons where they were really good.

  3. They both want to desperatly join the Chiefs. But we just dont have room this year for those on the backside of their careers. The Chiefs are assembled for a dynasty run, using youngsters. The windows are now closed on the careers of Wilkerson and Liuget , so their best fit is the Patriots…..that window is now closed too

  4. So what?
    Multi-millionaire PLAYERS demand more millions.
    If I am “not supposed” to care if the rich get richer….then the same concept should be applied to players as well.
    I hope these guys rot on the free agent market and are forced to accept the vet minimum IF they are even signed.

  5. Mr. Genius says:
    July 6, 2019 at 12:59 pm
    …..so their best fit is the Patriots…..that window is now closed too

    The Patriots window closed 10 years ago, or so I was told.

    What’s wrong with Tre Boston? Bad actor? Nothing left? Wants too much $$?

  6. “What’s wrong with Tre Boston? Bad actor? Nothing left? Wants too much $$?”

    Not much of a market out there for a safety that can’t tackle. This is the third straight year that he has been sitting around late in the offseason, waiting to be signed. He’ll get his usual one year deal eventually

  7. ryann252013 says:
    July 6, 2019 at 11:44 am
    Can we stop anointing Wilkerson as a top free agent?

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    the second he got paid, he went from good to mediocre at best

  8. “Best available” in terms of what? I wouldn’t consider a 30+ declining lineman that just got arrested for drunk driving “best available”.

  9. Wilkerson? That’s a joke. It’s also a shame someone so talented can’t get off his fat ass and become the player he was supposed to be. Pure laziness.

  10. Miami could use some help on the defensive line. Lost Norton, don’t know if he would have made the team before the accident. But, they’ll probably wait and see what the Patriots throw away or the rest of the teams get rid of, and try to sign some players for two hot dogs and a beer.

  11. Wilkerson’s DUI was barely over the limit. Probably many GMs and Coaches have driven with higher counts, esp. after NFL meetings.

  12. Something with the name Wilkerson. Moons ago we had Dan “Big Duddy” Wilkerson and now this one. Both supposedly talented, both lazy and the potential has driven the pay–but no results

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