Frank Reich: AFC South is “definitely playing really tough right now”

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The Texans won the AFC South last season and the Colts advanced to the playoffs after beating the Titans in the final game of the regular season.

In 2017, roles were reversed as the Jaguars won the division and the Titans took a Wild Card spot. Both of those teams won games in the playoffs and the Colts did the same last year, so there have been several sips of success around the AFC South the last two years.

The Jags stumbled last season, but signed quarterback Nick Foles as a free agent in a move that led Colts head coach Frank Reich to say the division now has “four good quarterbacks.”

“The job Mike [Vrabel] is doing in Tennessee with that team and us coming down to the last game of the season last year. it really was like a playoff game between our two teams,” Reich said, via “And Jacksonville the year before, having the success they had. The division is definitely playing really tough right now.”

None of the AFC South teams will face each other in Week One this September, but Week Two will have the Colts visiting the Titans while the Jaguars head to Houston for the first stage in sorting out which teams will be heading to the postseason this year.

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  1. The AFC South is a division of no consequence. Regardless of which team wins, it will be brushed aside in the playoffs and forgotten during the off-season until the draft.

  2. About time, it’s been a joke since it was started. Unlike the NFC South. That’s what happens when you contrive a division for the Manning family.

  3. When the best team in the division isn’t getting blown out 31 to 13 the first time they play a non division opponent then we can talk about them playing tough. As one of the commenters said above aside from the 2017 Jaguars the AFC South is generally a bye week for whomever they pay in the playoffs.

  4. This year looks like it is going to be different in the AFC South. All 4 teams have improved and seem to be much stronger, at least on paper. Also you could make a case for putting them in almost any order, although I don’t see any way the Colts could finish 4th unless there were serious injuries.(Luck going down) I am interested in watching this division to see how it all shakes out. Not a fan of any of the 4 teams but will have my eye on this division. I’m ready for training camp to start. Let’s get this season underway!

  5. Love Frank Reich – really building something with the Colts. But four good qbs in the division? Luck – check plus plus. Watson – check plus. Foles – check. Mariota – no. Tannehill, better.

  6. This Texans team has a handful of superstars on it, but until the O-Line and Defensive Back play improves, I don’t see them making much noise in the postseason (if they get there). As a Texans fan, I feel bad for Nuk and JJ because both of them will likely end their careers by being added to the list of all-time greats that never got a ring.

  7. Despite all the naysayers above, I honestly believe that the AFC South is the most competitive division in football at the moment. All of the teams in it seem to have had good offseasons, to varying degrees of course, but the Colts, whom we all thought would take a long time to return to contending status, rocketed up last year with a healthy Luck and surprisingly strong O-line play. Funchess might be the replacement red zone plan for Ebron eventually, if it all works out.

    The Titans’ defense looks very good, and they added a few nice pieces in the draft. Vrabel seems to have the team on the up and up-questions still remain about Mariota and the recievers of course, but the team looks great and if Delanie Walker is back to old self, it will help them a lot. The Texans might be the team to beat at the moment, and if Tytus Howard is the guy that solidifies their LT position, they’ll go a long way towards repeating as champs. They addressed a lot of needs in the draft, and we’ll see if they pan out, but not having a GM this year and possibly focusing on going for Caserio might affect their focus. I don’t know if that will be something or nothing, but their biggest problem is still the O-line and possibly unproven depth in the secondary.

    Lastly, the Jags actually had a good draft (Jawaan Taylor is a monster run blocker) and Josh Allen might end up being the best pass rusher in the draft, conceivably. Losing Telvin Smith in a zone heavy defense hurts, but having Nick Foles (depending on which Foles they end up getting this year) could help them, even if they’re still unproven at reciever.

    Basically, all these teams addressed their needs at least partially (and some in a big way) through FA and the draft. The AFC South might end up consuming itself in the regular season win-wise against ieach other, but I think all these teams will be tough games for whomever plays them. And the Titans, Texans, and Jags all have good defenses, and the Colts are much, much improved in that area which has traditionally been a weakness for them. Don’t sleep on any of these teams.

  8. Is Foles a good QB? Really?
    Def not in the top 10

    In no particular order, QBs ahead of Foles:


    Big Ben


    Then it gets dicey

  9. Jags going 11-5 … Frank Reich knows he can’t hide from what is coming to him and the rest of the AFC South…Book it baby!

  10. The problem with the AFC South is that the only large market (top 20) in the division is Houston, and they’re a newer franchise that doesn’t really have an established fan base (old Oiler fans ended up splitting between the Titans, Cowboys, and Saints) and they have been terrible for most of their existence.

    Thus, the average casual NFL fan (fanboys on the coasts) don’t care about them.

    I’ve watched AFC South Football every single season since the division was started, and there’s been quality football.

    Since the Division re-alignment in 2002, how many divisions have had more than one franchise win the Super Bowl? The NFC East? How many years did the NFC West have a 7-9 team making the playoffs?

  11. yodaddycrapper says:
    July 7, 2019 at 9:34 pm
    Jags going 11-5 … Frank Reich knows he can’t hide from what is coming to him and the rest of the AFC South…Book it baby!
    Was having a rough morning……thanks for the laugh. I needed that!

  12. There are 3 and a half good teams in the AFC South. The one that stays the healthiest will win the division.

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