Antonio Brown apologizes for furniture throwing incident, says charity donations made in settlement

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A lawsuit against Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown over furniture throwing from a balcony was reportedly settled back in April. Brown posted a statement to his Twitter account Monday night apologizing for the “incident” and said an undisclosed amount had been donated to charity as a part of the settlement.

The legal dispute between Ophir Sternberg and me has been resolved, with a confidential sum of funds being donated to charity,” Brown wrote. “I am sorry that an incident occurred. I apologize for any statements we made in court filings or otherwise to Mr. Sternberg and family. I with Mr. Sternberg my best with regard to future endeavors and through this settlement, seek to make amends with Mr. Sternberg and family.”

Sternberg, a founding partner and CEO of Lionheart Capital, LLC, claimed that his 22-month old son was nearly struck by airborne furniture being throw out of an upscale condo complex in Miami. The furniture in question included an ottoman and large vases.

Brown’s side of the case argued that the suit was a “shakedown attempt” and “nothing more than a shameful attempt by a struggling real estate developer to exploit his minor child.”

Those comments would appear to be some of the statements Brown was apologizing for in his statement Monday night.

To what extent the NFL is reviewing the case and a separate claim by the owner of the complex for damaged property remains unclear. The league had said they are monitoring the lawsuits but had not commented on the settlement of the case between Brown and Sternberg.