Former Arena League commissioner buys AAF equipment at auction

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Helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys and other equipment from the defunct Alliance of American Football was purchased by a former commissioner of the Arena Football League at a bankruptcy auction.

Jerry Kurz, who worked in Arena Football for much of that sport’s history and was its commissioner from 2010 to 2014, paid $455,000 to buy all of the AAF’s equipment, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

What Kurz plans to do with the equipment is unknown, but given his background, it seems likely that he has plans for some kind of minor league football venture.

The XFL, which will launch next year, was said to be interested in buying the AAF’s equipment but apparently didn’t think it was worth what Kurz was willing to spend.

The AAF, which went under before finishing its first season, has few significant assets to divvy up in bankruptcy proceedings. The one asset that has drawn attention is the league’s real-time betting app, which may result in a fight over MGM’s attempt to buy it for just $125,000.

5 responses to “Former Arena League commissioner buys AAF equipment at auction

  1. I’d still like to see the business plan (assuming one exists) for this business that managed to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of $110,000,000 in 13 months.

  2. I knew the AAF wasn’t going to work when the greed took over. They had the 1st week on open channels and I thought yea this is fun, then they put the rest of the games on cable… me and 3/4 of the rest of the country turned our back to them too. good riddance..

  3. I mean, I don’t know how much equipment there was and what level of quality of it was, but $455,000 seems like a good deal to me for a huge dump of football gear…

    Also, why is everyone so surprised that running a national level sports league is so expensive? Nobody should have expected to turn a profit for the first few years, let alone the first year.

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