Jalen Thompson works out for 26 teams

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Former Washington State safety Jalen Thompson worked out for 26 teams in Los Angeles on Monday, Tony Pauline of draftanalyst.com reports. The Texans sent their director of scouting.

Thompson and former West Virginia receiver Marcus Simms are expected to be drafted in Wednesday’s supplemental draft.

Thompson measured just over 5 feet, 10 inches and weighed 186 pounds with 8 3/8-inch hands and an arm strength of 31 1/4, according to Pauline. He had a 33 1/2 vertical and 40-yard dash times of 4.47 and 4.56, with a 4.16 in the short shuttle and a 6.98 in the three cone.

The Falcons ran Thompson’s position drills.

Thompson met with the Packers after his workout, and the Patriots, Rams, Dolphins, Colts and Cardinals also showed interest in him, per Pauline.

Thompson lost his final year of NCAA eligibility, prompting him to declare for the supplemental draft.

Former Syracuse linebacker Shyheim Cullen, former Saint Francis defensive back Bryant Perry and former junior college tight end Devonaire Clarington also have entered their names in the supplemental draft.

5 responses to “Jalen Thompson works out for 26 teams

  1. “Arm strength of 31 1/4”. Someone has been playing Madden it seems.

  2. Jalen Thompson would be some more nice depth at safety behind Amos and Savage.

    We will see what happens with Josh Jones. Josh said at mini-camp that he would be at training camp.

    Raven Greene, Mike Tyson, and Natrell Jamerson is the other depth at safety.

    Be interesting to see if Gute makes a bid for Jalen Thompson in Wednesday’s supplemental draft.


  3. These players are PROBLEMS.
    Stay away, stay far away!
    Players who are given second chances will reoffend 99% of the time.

  4. “These players are PROBLEMS.
    Stay away, stay far away!”


    Jalen Thompson lost his senior season because he bought a supplement over the counter at a nutrition store. Never failed a test. All he did was purchase it. NCAA violations are different than the NFL. This would have carried no penalty in the NFL.

    Thompson started at safety all 3 seasons at WSU and tallied 191 tackles and 6 interceptions. Washington State is upset they are losing him and everyone there loves this kid.

    There is a reason so many teams are interested in him. He is a beast at safety and will help a team.

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