Julio Jones trusts Arthur Blank to keep his word, won’t miss camp time


Last summer, the Falcons adjusted Julio Jones‘ contract to get him into training camp on time.

That apparently won’t be an issue this year.

Via TMZ.com, Jones said he wouldn’t hold out of training camp as he awaits his latest (deserved) raise.

Mr. Blank gave us his word. . . . That’s golden,” Jones said. “[Blank’s] word is that it’s going to get done. . . . There’s no stress on my end. I’m not thinking about it.

“[Blank] makes it easy for me to go out and just work every day and not have one of those situations where there’s a holdout or anything like that.”

Jones has two years left on his current deal, and Blank said earlier this offseason he expected both Jones and franchise-tagged defensive tackle Grady Jarrett to be “Falcons for life.”

5 responses to “Julio Jones trusts Arthur Blank to keep his word, won’t miss camp time

  1. The old “gave his word” ploy. Here’s the thing … if you have an agent and lawyers doing your negotiation then you’ve gone way beyond a handshake. Don’t blame Blank.

  2. Few people’s word means anything these days. if Julio were to get hurt we would find out what Blanks word is worth.

  3. They never should have caved in after year 2.
    They should have said “play year 3 and we will talk, but no renegotiations after 2 years”.
    The Falcons mismanaged it.

  4. Why does this fool even bother with the formality ofacontract any more, he constantly whines for more. I bet if he had a down year while under contract he wouldn’t offer to give any money back….

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