Recent earthquakes did not damage the Raiders’ new stadium

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Last week’s Southern California earthquakes affected Las Vegas. Not strong enough, however, to affect the football stadium that is being built there.

Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the COO of the company building the venue said Saturday that the earthquakes did no damage, and caused no injuries.

Don Webb explained that the building was “thoroughly inspected,” and that an independent testing firm had examined all critical structural elements of the stadium. Webb admitted that the incomplete status of the structure increases its vulnerability.

After Friday night’s 7.1-magnitude event, workers moved from the higher structures to ground level, continuing their efforts there.

Recently, the overall construction effort went out of sequence, due to the fact that some roof trusses don’t fit. None of these issues are expected to keep the stadium from opening as expected in time for the start of the 2020 season.

5 responses to “Recent earthquakes did not damage the Raiders’ new stadium

  1. Well, at least now we know the stadium can handle the pressure 😮

  2. Those roof truss designs didn’t allow enough headroom for typical overinflated Raider egos.

  3. If those roof trusses were fully built (and I think they were) before they figured out that they did not fit that is a crazy expensive avoidable error. Bonus points if they did not pick up on the problem until they actually tried lowering one into place.

  4. And no tarps were damaged either.
    Those are really going to come in handy before they move again.

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