Video shows Malik McDowell fighting cop

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Malik McDowell, the Seahawks’ top pick in the 2017 NFL draft who never played a down in the NFL, was arrested last month for assaulting a police officer, among other charges. Now video of the incident has surfaced.

The video, on, shows McDowell initially being stopped for speeding. As the officer asks for his license and registration, McDowell repeatedly demands to speak to a supervisor.

Eventually McDowell walked out of his car and inside a gas station convenience store, where he and the officer scuffled. In the melee that ensued, both men went to the ground and shelves were knocked over. After warning McDowell, the officer used his taser on him, but that didn’t seem to have much of an effect, and the struggle continued.

McDowell was subdued after backup officers arrived, but only after he appeared to grab for one of the backup officer’s guns.

McDowell is currently facing two counts of felony assaulting and resisting, one misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. In a separate incident, he is facing a charge of concealing a stolen vehicle.

The Seahawks used the 35th overall pick on McDowell in 2017. He was injured in an ATV accident months after the draft and has never played in the NFL as a result of those injuries.

31 responses to “Video shows Malik McDowell fighting cop

  1. Going for the gun will get you dead. Fast. He’s lucky to still be breathing.

  2. Between this and the stolen truck, hes going to have a rough couple of years.

  3. The 0% chance that he had to ever play in the NFL just went into the negative numbers…

  4. Clearly this could all been avoided had he been provided with a supervisor.

  5. Law enforcement at times is put in a negative light and much of that is self-inflicted. However, after watching this video, the officer does deserve a lot of credit. Malik McDowell is significantly bigger than him and clearly was not compliant with any of the officer’s wishes. Despite the consistent fighting back, the officer (with help) subdued McDowell and gets to go home to his family as does McDowell.

    Very curious as to why I haven’t heard this via the major news outlets rather than PFT?

  6. This video is nuts! But if I was the propieater of this Bodega I would have 2 questions:

    1. “Which of yous is gonna clean up this mess?”

    2. “Since when do policemen sport man-buns?” Lol

  7. Concealing a stolen truck, driving on a suspended license, drinking and driving, losing control of your vehicle, non compliance to law enforcement, then resisting arrest. This loser used up his, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances all in one night. Can’t wait to hear the apologists try to blame society or some other non participant for his idiocy.

  8. Not going to lie, that little dude (the cop) kinda held his own with the big football player. Two things, the taser didn’t work because the jacket block the probes from attaching to McDowell. You could tell the officer was trying to get a shot to the chest area that was open but the prongs spread too fast. Second, McDowell from what I can see on the video never went for a officer’s gun. You can see if the video is does at one point hold in his had the taser (stun gun) and that is when the officer says “drop the gun”. There was just a case here is Texas that a felmale took a taser away from a male officer and tried to use it against him. The officer shot and killed her. So although he never grabbed the officer’s gun he is still lucky nothing worse happened to him.

  9. Now, McDowell MAY have had some sort of believeable defense for the truck (something along the lines of “I didn’t know it was stolen when I bought it from the shady guy), but I think it’s pretty safe to say that that is out the window now. Of course, a stolen truck might be the least of his worries after this, especially if the officer has any injuries.

    Oh yeah, and he’s gonna have to pay for the mess. Or should, at least.

  10. I can’t see this guy doing less than a year now that his baffoonery has reached fighting and attempting to take weapons from police officers level.

  11. My question is does Mr Mcdowell have a father and was he brought up by him? The breakdown of the family is the issue here. His life has likely been gangs and sports then it’s whichever one wins that one. Now he’s bot a booze issue. Glad the cop did what he did and hope the kid gets help and finds his true father.

  12. One of those classic moments when someone is stopped or arrested and they continually insist that they “know their rights” when it’s very clear that they do not.

    Malik had no reason to ask for a supervisor and had no reason to get upset. Had he just chilled in his car, he might have got a warning for driving too quick in the snow, maybe a ticket at worst. Instead, now he is facing multiple charges over nothing he really did wrong but made it terribly worse.

    If you’re ever arrested or interact with police, remember that it’s mostly all on body cam now. We use them to keep cops honest, but it can also harm those arrested detained when they act a fool. Malik had no right to ask for a “supervisor,” for what purpose?

    You challenge legal issues and stops in court, not on the street, especially as a young black male. As others stated, you can get dead quick being a young black male and resisting/obstructing officers.

    He should have just taken his ticket or whatever and then he can challenge it in court, it would’ve been cheaper than it’s going to be now lol

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