Chris Harris likes that teams are “sleeping on” the Broncos

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While trying to work out a new contract with the Broncos earlier this year, cornerback Chris Harris expressed interest in a trade if the Broncos weren’t willing to meet his financial demands.

The two sides eventually came together on a revised deal for this season that left Harris on track to become a free agent after this season. He said he’s happy with how things worked out and said on NFL Network Wednesday that it’s “a relief” to be able to focus on football after all of the contract talk.

When it comes to football, many people have expressed a dim outlook for the Broncos in the AFC West thanks to the presence of the Chiefs and Chargers. Harris acknowledged the Broncos aren’t the favorites, but said that works just fine for him because they’ll be able to take some teams by surprise.

“The Chiefs are the team to beat right now,” Harris said. “They’ve won it, I think, the past three years so until somebody knocks them off they’re the team beat. I’m telling you right now, I like being the underdog right now. Teams are sleeping on us and so I like taking that approach this year. They’re going to have to wake up when we hit them in the mouth.”

With the likes of Harris, Von Miller and Bradley Chubb on hand, the defense should be able to throw some haymakers this season. The chances of the Broncos overcoming expectations may come down to whether the offense can do the same.

12 responses to “Chris Harris likes that teams are “sleeping on” the Broncos

  1. It’s not disrespectful or anything…you guys just sucked last year. Teams usually look at the good teams and worry about beating them first. I doubt Belichick is telling his team, “Ok guys, we play some really good teams this year, but let’s start focusing on the Lions, Bengals, and Raiders…oh, and the 3 crap teams in our division”…

  2. Well the Broncos would know something about sleeping…they’ve been sleepwalking through the last 2+ years with minimal effort and worse preparation. Hard to admit for this diehard Bronco fan but I still have to chuckle at the irony

  3. Here we go….Every crap team out there claims their rebuilding team is a SB contender and that their team is being counted out.

    Well, you’re being counted out for good reason, dummy.

    This guy is a good player, but some of these players on these teams love to live in the past and think they are better than they are.

    Big mistake to overpay him at his age and not get a pick back to replace him cheaper as you rebuild, while renting Flacco.

  4. The Broncos are not a bad team. They’re also not a great team. They’re in a fairly strong division, as well. Eight or nine wins should make them happy this first year under Fangio and still not knowing their long-term QB.

  5. Defense keeps losing good players and you have Joe Flacco as a solution to your QB problem all in one of the toughest divisions in football. Do you really think you can win more games than whoever finishes second in the AFCN or AFCS? Because that’s the only hope here.

  6. On paper it appears Denver has improved this off-season. But still, that’s only on paper. You never know until the live ammo is flying on the field. If everything goes reasonably well, no injuries to key personnel, I think Denver has a shot at 8-8. Just my two cents.

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