Arrest warrant withdrawn for Josh Brent

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Former Cowboys defensive lineman and current Cowboys scout Josh Brent no longer faces arrest.

According to Jack Howland of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas County court records show that an arrest warrant for probation violation has been withdrawn.

Brent had been arrested on June 30 in a Wendy’s parking lot on charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest. Calvin Watkins of has reported that Brent tested negative for alcohol and drugs, and that Brent simply had a mental breakdown, for which he currently is undergoing treatment.

A 2012 car crash that killed Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown resulted in a conviction of intoxication manslaughter for Brent, along with a jail sentence of 180 days. He remains on probation, the terms of which require him to avoid alcohol and drugs.

11 responses to “Arrest warrant withdrawn for Josh Brent

  1. Dying to see the comments on this one. The guy didn’t violate the terms (so no famous person conspiracy) and he apparently has a mental condition (which should deserve our compassion, not our ridicule). My thing is simple…get the help, get the support, and get better.

  2. He was driving drunk and his best friend died as a result. Jerry Brown’s family has forgiven him but that is still an enormous burden to bear and it won’t fade very much with time. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  3. This is scenario that is played out in many jurisdictions throughout the
    United States. Mentally ill patients in crisis, police failure to recognize
    the symptoms. This usually equals the mentally ill patient who is bi-polar
    and off his or her meds sitting in jail for a week to 10 days until it is
    recognized that he or she in not drunk or on some drug.
    Often the patient is harassed and charged with resisting or assault of
    a police officer ( a serous crime) which causes even more delay in treatment.
    The Memphis model is a remarkable program that provides guidelines and training
    for police officers to recognize a person in need of treatment not jail.
    Many local, police agencies need to be more aware of the problem.
    Training such as this can also help police protect themselves, which is equally
    important. It is estimated that at least 20 percent of calls for police intervention
    are a result of mental patients in crisis.
    There are many people suffering like Josh Brent, perhaps all of us should
    wait and see what is the real problem is, before jumping to a conclusion.,

  4. So what?
    He has already done damage to the Cowboys brand simply by causing this article, and others, to be written.
    He should be forced to pay damages to his employer.
    This should be the case for ANY time a player (I know he’s a scout but players should be held to this standard) brings ANY form of negative publicity by the media upon his employer, then the PLAYER should be fined forthwith in the amount of damage caused on his team and/or the NFL proper.

  5. Wow. So few comments on this thread now that Brent was tested and was proven to be free of alcohol and drugs. Where are all the haters who jumped on the “kick the guy when he is down” bandwagon when the initial story broke of his arrest? Knee-jerk much? How about all you haters come back on here and publicly and sincerely apologize to Brent for jumping the gun?

    I would have some mental issues as well if l made a bad decision to drive drunk and my best friend was killed as a result of that bad decision. Brent can never take that decision back, and it looks like it very well may be haunting him. No wonder his mental state is erratic.

    I hope Brent continues to undergo therapy and can find some peace in his life.

  6. I hope he gets the help he needs and that the Cowboys assist him. Apparently a frosty didn’t do the trick.

  7. I’ve known Josh since he was in grade school. He is genuinely a very nice thoughtful person who made terrible decisions as a teen and into adulthood. I sincerely hope he gets all of the help he needs. While he played a violent sport he is not a violent person. Unfortunately non-violent people make terrible decisions. I respect Jerry Jones for trying to help Josh. He was doing about as well as he could but now this setback. I pray that Josh is able to overcome this. Anyone on this site that has watched people from childhood to adulthood reach the pinnacle and then self destruct might know what I’m getting at.

  8. Wow, can’t even imagine what this guy goes through mentally. Obviously what he did is a terrible thing, but you hate to see him going through a mental breakdown. Hopefully he gets some help and is able to find some peace and turn his life around. He made a terrible mistake, but that doesn’t need to define his life.

  9. The person commenting about needing a few more second chances obviously has a reading comprehension problem.

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