Demetrius Harris wants to show Browns how to win

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When people tick off the reasons for optimism about the Browns this year, the acquisition of tight end Demetrius Harris is somewhere down the list if it gets mentioned at all.

Harris was signed to be a complement to David Njoku after playing a similar role behind Travis Kelce in Kansas City, so it is understandable that he’d fail to merit a mention alongside the team’s star players. After appearing in six playoff games over the last four years, Harris believes he brings something other than on-field assistance to the postseason chase.

Harris said he believes the Browns’ talent is on par with what teams like the Chiefs have and he hopes to impart some of what he learned with his previous team to his less-experienced teammates in Cleveland.

“I know how to win. I know what winning feels like. I know how almost getting to the Super Bowl feels,” Harris said, via Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. “Just want to bring that winning mentality and to show them how to win. And not just make it to the playoffs. Yes, my first goal here is to win the division, but after that we want to win the AFC championship and then a Super Bowl. I want to go beyond the AFC championship. That’s not the real goal. That might be people’s goal, but that’s not the real goal.”

Given the Browns’ lack of postseason success, the notion of walking before you run comes to mind but it’s hard to argue with the idea that winning the Super Bowl should be the foremost goal for any NFL team.

13 responses to “Demetrius Harris wants to show Browns how to win

  1. Harris’ recipe for success:
    Step 1: be on a team where almost everyone is better than you.
    Step 2: be on a team with a much better starting TE.
    Step 3: get open in the end zone bc you are the last option the defense is concerned about.
    Finally, Step 4: drop the ball, especially in critical situations. Get ready to rock with stone hands Cleveland!

  2. Ha! Incompletrius Harris…….only thing he’s good at is dropping passes in big situations.

  3. Love it. Under rated pickup the browns needed a TE who could block. And hey shoot for the stars buddy boy we are waiting to see if you guys can back it up.

  4. Browns know exactly who Hartis is and what he contributes. They brought him in as a blocker – in both the ground game and pass protection. He’s not someone they’ll be looking at as a pass catcher. Browns have at 6-8 qualified receivers, RB’s who can catch, plus Njoku as TE.

  5. toothfairyretributionmanifesto says:
    July 11, 2019 at 9:08 am
    It’s comments like these, that make me think the Browns will still be lousy.
    Not much for insight I see.

  6. This guy has probably caught 10 clutch receptions over his brief career with Kansas City and he’s probably dropped four times as many.

    There was a reason the QBs kept throwing the ball at him.

    Unfortunately, he couldn’t make a ‘football move’ to save his life. He will trip over his own feet more often than not after a clutch reception, so forget about YAC, cuz those are non-existent in his game.

    He’s not much of a blocking option either.

  7. Harris also knows how to kill an offensive drive:

    1. A minimum of two false starts a game.
    2. Dropping a critical 3rd and short with no one around him.
    3. At least three holding penalty a game or just getting beat so bad the QB is sacked or rushed to make a bad throw.

    Couldn’t believe the Chiefs kept him as long as they did. They were better off using an eligible tackle at TE.

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